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In the new PC-WELT special issue “Windows Unauthorisiert! 4/2022” you will find 11 top full versions worth €250 on the DVD. You can also read in the magazine how to get the most out of your system. Now at the kiosk and in the PC-WELT shop.

The software company Microsoft hailed Windows 11 as the version with the highest customer satisfaction and the best quality rating. In addition, the conversion rate is twice as high as it was with Windows 10. Many users continue to work mainly with the previous version, as we know from surveys. The new functions speak for Windows 11, including the Android apps on the PC. You won’t be able to officially use them until autumn, but we’ll show you how it already works. Even the high system requirements are not an obstacle, as our 13-year-old “notebook darling” proves. This runs smoothly with Windows 11 and boots in 20 seconds. There is currently no obligation to upgrade, because Microsoft will continue to provide Windows 10 with updates until October 2025. Reason enough, then, to once again get everything out of the existing system. This is exactly where this special issue supports you, because the majority of our guides apply to both versions of the operating system, i.e. Windows 10 and 11.

The new PC-WELT special issue

Windows Unauthorized! 4/2022.

Order now at the kiosk or conveniently in the PC-WELT shop!

These are the topics in the new special issue Windows Unauthorisiert! 4/2022

Switch to Windows 11

  • Upgrading to Windows 11 is still free.

    The system upgrade to Windows 11 is free, easy and convenient: with all data, programs and settings.

  • This is how your PC will be fit for the new Windows 11.

    Formally, Microsoft sets high hurdles for the hardware equipment. In practice, the operating system runs on every computer.

  • How to find your way around Windows 11.

    Any new system takes some getting used to. Our guide will show you how to quickly find your way around everyday PC life.

  • Use Windows 11 without a Microsoft account.

    Local or Microsoft account? Everything about the functions, advantages and disadvantages as well as the setup.

  • The new functions of the autumn update now.

    Preview of the major feature update of Windows 11: This is new – and so you have it immediately.

Optimize Windows

  • Service Pack 1: These tools optimize your system.

    Windows 11 comes up with new tools. The software on the booklet DVD offers even more functions, configuration and analysis.

  • Automatically install programs on the PC.

    Installing software without a click is one of the new features of Windows 11.

  • The best secret tricks for the Windows terminal.

    Windows Terminal, Powershell, and Command Prompt are only useful if you know the command line commands.

  • Lean system: Windows without ballast.

    If the Windows computer is getting slower and slower over time, maintenance is due: we have the tools, tips and tricks to do it.

  • Windows 11 in multi-monitor mode.

    Snap layout is the name of the comfortable window arrangement of Windows 11 – ideal for two screens.

max out the system

  • WSL2: The Linux system on Windows 11.

    Microsoft has prepared everything so that applications and tools for Linux can be used even more easily in the new Windows.

  • Windows 11: Use Android apps on the computer.

    After Linux, Android apps are now also running on the PC: Not officially yet, but you can already start with the smartphone apps.

  • Use Windows programs with Wine.

    Windows software on Linux brings with it some problems. We have the solutions.

  • Multiboot: Windows 10 & 11 and Linux in parallel

    If you don’t want to switch completely to Windows 11 yet, you can also try out the system in parallel with Windows 10.

  • Repair or restore Windows 11.

    Microsoft offers various options for resetting the PC: all options at a glance.


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