PC-WELT special issue 5/2022 Fritzbox – now at the kiosk

With the new PC-WELT special issue 5/2022 Fritzbox, the current manual for the popular router series is available! Now at the kiosk and in the PC-WELT shop.

The new version of the Fritzbox operating system was already announced in January 2022. But only now – right on time for the release of the new Fritzbox special issue – should the final version be available for the most important Fritzbox models. But the wait was worth it: Fritz-OS is an important update and will also surprise long-time Fritzbox friends – not only because of the fresh user interface, which clearly distinguishes important functions from settings that are rarely used. It also brings many innovations, including those that are often requested, such as the simple VPN connection via Wireguard protocol, or necessary, such as better WLAN performance in the mesh, and practical, such as the caller announcement with the Fritz Fon. The new PC-WELT special issue 5/2022 Fritzbox. Order now at the kiosk or conveniently in the PC-WELT shop!

These are the topics in the new special issue Fritzbox 5/2022

Fritz products

  • 22 Fritz boxes in comparison.

    All Fritzbox routers for VDSL and LTE as well as cable and fiber optic connections at a glance.

  • Fritz repeater for your WLAN.

    These latest Wi-Fi 5 and Wi-Fi 6 extenders effortlessly extend the wireless network in an apartment, house or office.

  • Smart devices in the Fritz network.

    AVM has lamps, sockets and heating controls that interact with the Fritzbox.

  • Comfort telephones from AVM.

    The new Fritzfon X6 expands the AVM range of DECT telephones for the Fritzbox.

Fritzbox innovations

  • New Fritz OS 7.50.

    The new firmware for supported Fritz boxes and WLAN repeaters brings numerous innovations.

  • Test: Fritz box 7590 AX.

    The test shows how the new VDSL Fritzbox with the WLAN standard Wi-Fi 6 performs in terms of speed and security.

  • Test: Fritz box 7530 AX.

    We test what the entry-level router with Wi-Fi 6 really does in practice.

  • Test: Fritzbox 7510.

    The cheap router lacks equipment. However, it is ideal for certain purposes.

Fritzbox practice

  • Better phone.

    The telephone functions of the Fritzbox are overshadowed by their work as an Internet and WLAN router.

  • Fritz box as NAS.

    As a NAS, the Fritzbox provides storage space in the home network – with more speed and security.

  • alternate firmware.

    If the standard firmware of the Fritzbox is not sufficient, there is a free alternative for professionals.

  • WLAN: big speed lie.

    With little effort, you can reliably determine how fast your home network is transmitting data.

Fritzbox security

  • Protect WiFi router now.

    This is how you secure your router and home network against current attacks.

  • Remote access with MyFritz.

    You can reach the Fritzbox conveniently and securely via the Internet.

  • Secure VPN connection.

    New: How to use Wireguard for the VPN function of the Fritzbox.

  • Parental controls & filters.

    These settings prevent unauthorized online access.

Fritzbox workshops

  • All IP connection.

    This is how the Fritzbox works on the current Telekom connection.

  • DSL connection.

    Set up the Fritzbox easily for Internet via VDSL.

  • cable internet.

    Explained step by step: Use the Fritzbox on the cable connection.

  • Online in the LTE network.

    The Fritzbox for mobile Internet access makes you independent.

Fritzbox apps

  • Control smart home devices.

    With the FritzApp Smart Home, the home network is under control.

  • Remote control Fritz box.

    Access the Fritzbox with your mobile phone regardless of location.

  • WiFi helper.

    Find WiFi disruptors and measure signal strength with the Fritz app.

The DVD contains tools for the Fritzbox and the home network, as well as workshop videos from AVM. Start Tails, a Linux system for safe surfing, directly from the DVD.


PC-WELT special issue Fritzbox 5/2022

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