PC-WELT XXL 1/2022 Windows 11 manual – now on the kiosk

In the new PC-WELT XXL 1/2022 you will find the best PC tips for Windows 11 on 196 pages. You will receive a matching XXL package with the 179 best tools for Windows 11 on the magazine DVD. Now at the kiosk and in the PC-WELT shop.

Microsoft’s announcement that it would be releasing a completely new operating system this year came quite unexpectedly in the summer. Because so far it has always been said from the company headquarters that Windows 10 would be gradually developed with annual function updates. The concept lasted six years, and now Windows 11 is here. And in fact, as announced, Windows 11 was really ready at the beginning of October. This, too, is surprising because new versions of the operating system have almost always been delayed in the past – that seemed like a law in Redmond. But at one point there is a problem: The promised Android apps under Windows 11 will follow later … After months of intensive testing, trying out and working with the pre-release versions, there is little to complain about with Windows 11. This is also surprising, because so far a good version has always been followed by a “less good” version. Think of Vista after XP and Windows 8 after Version 7. Windows 10 was good, Windows 11 puts an end to the “tradition”. – You can read this and much more in the new PC-WELT special issue XXL 1/2022 Windows 11 manual. Order now at the kiosk or conveniently in the PC-WELT shop!

These are the topics in the new PC-WELT XXL 1/2022 Windows 11 manual

Introduction & overview

  • That comes in Windows 11.

    Microsoft’s new operating system offers new functions, a new design and a new operation.

  • Everything important at a glance.

    Our picture gallery shows an overview of all the important new features of Windows 11.

  • Editions in comparison.

    Windows 11 appears in different variants: all editions, prices and functions.

  • What will happen to Windows 10?

    Do I have to upgrade immediately? What does Windows 11 cost? Answers to all questions.

Install & switch

  • The ways to Windows 11.

    This guide explains the various ways in which you can get the new operating system.

  • Upgrade & reinstall.

    Reinstall Windows 11 or install it as an in-place upgrade? All the steps, pros and cons.

  • Try Windows 11.

    If you don’t want to say goodbye to Windows 10 just yet: Here’s how to test the new system.

  • Is your PC fit for Windows 11?

    Not all computers meet the strict system requirements – this is how old PCs take the hurdle.

Get to know & set up

  • The new surface.

    Central start menu, new search & Co. require some training.

  • The new file explorer.

    Microsoft has completely redesigned Windows Explorer.

  • New settings & apps.

    Microsoft has completely revamped the Windows settings, and new apps are also coming.

  • The new Microsoft Store.

    The new store in Windows 11 is clearer and more convenient. But one important function is missing.

Tune the system and make the most of it

  • Speed ​​up Windows PC.

    Not everything is necessary in the standard system: this is how you clean up.

  • Arrange windows by snap.

    The new snap function places all open windows as desired in a flash.

  • System via command line.

    As practical as mouse operation and Windows windows are, some things work faster with commands – if you know them.

  • Automatic installation.

    Windows 11 is installed permanently, but it takes time to adapt. But all of this is also much faster.

Security & data protection

  • Windows Security Center.

    The Windows Defender Security Center bundles all Windows security functions centrally.

  • Update Windows 11.

    The update in Windows 11 is now much more convenient, including the optional updates.

  • The new Edge browser.

    Microsoft has revised its Chromium-based browser, and Internet Explorer is over.

  • One click to the secure PC.

    For more security on the computer, you often don’t need a lot of settings: our one-click tools help you immediately.

WiFi & home network

  • Network in Windows 11.

    The new operating system brings numerous innovations to the network functions.

  • More speed in the LAN network.

    Gigabit speed has been around for a long time, now the home network is getting significantly faster.

  • Build the network.

    File sharing, sharing, and more: How to set up a network in Windows 11.

  • WLAN under Windows 11.

    Many small improvements make radio network management easier.

  • Track down Windows errors.

    The operating system often doesn’t say what’s wrong with it clearly enough. We go to the error analysis.

  • Repair Windows 11.

    Why rebuild the system when it can be repaired and restored!

  • Tired of tips and tricks.

    On twelve pages you will find important tips that make life with Windows 11 easier.

  • Ashampoo WinOptimizer.

    Workshop for the full version WinOptimizer 18 on the DVD.

The highlights of the DVD

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