PC without case: Passively cooled Mini-ITX system from Inside Tech

If you want to operate your computer without a housing, you will find an interesting option in the Mini-ITX system from Inside Tech.

Colorful cases with multiple windows and LED lighting can be used to personalize a PC these days. However, if you want to do without a housing entirely, you have to search a long time for a suitable system that securely accommodates the necessary components. The British PC retailer Inside Tech now has a new Mini-ITX system on offer that does not require side panels or fans.

Similarities with a coffee maker

The system, christened “Fanless Open Air Mini ITX Workstation”, consists of two components: A base made of four millimeter thick steel, which is designed to absorb as much heat as possible and emit it to the environment. An NH-P1 from Noctua is installed further up, which is intended to cool the processor without a fan. Even with a Core i9-10900, peak temperatures of 70 degrees Celsius under full load should only set in after more than 10 hours.

Small graphics card without a fan

A Mini-ITX board with a B560 or Z590 chipset can be used as the mainboard. When it comes to processors, however, only Intel CPUs of the penultimate and penultimate generation are available. If the processor does not have an integrated GPU, an Nvidia GT 710 can also be installed, with which up to six screens can be operated simultaneously. According to the manufacturer, other graphics cards without fans such as the Geforce GTX 1050 Ti or the Geforce GTX 1650 can also be installed. Depending on the version, the “Fanless Open Air Mini ITX Workstation” costs between 772 and 2,488 euros. In return, buyers receive a completely silent system, which also cuts a good figure on the desk.

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