PCWELT Easter campaign 2022: We are giving away Driver Max 14

Until April 24th we give you a great full version every day. So it’s worth checking in here every day.

During the Easter period we give you a gift in the frame

the PC-WELT Easter campaign

Every day

a full version from April 11th to April 24th.

Every day, including weekends and holidays! Another good reason to visit every day. During this time you will receive software for a wide variety of purposes every day. A total of 14 great programs or offers await you over 14 days!

Here you can download the full version of the day


the respective

Easter full version of the day

is always possible

on the relevant calendar day

download. Also note the applicable rules for activating the full versions.

The full version on April 16, 2022: Driver Max 14 (annual license)

DriverMax 14 keeps your PC up to date as far as drivers go. The program works independently and lists all outstanding updates for the CPU, audio devices, interface controllers, etc., so that you only have to run them. Automated update plans with self-definable intervals are also possible, including the option to create a backup of selected drivers. If you want to return to an older system state – for example because an update does not work as you would like – you can either import a previously created driver backup, go back a driver version, reset the PC to a restore point or reset the PC but the downloaded ones keep drivers with you.

Here you can download the full version of the day

How to start:

To get the registration code for the annual license, you have to register at with your name and email address. Agree to receive the newsletter and the data protection declaration by ticking the box, tick “I’m not a robot” and click on “Send”. You will receive an email with a link via which you will also receive your serial number and a download link by email. Download the file, run it and choose the setup language. Click Next, accept the license agreement, and click Next until the installation completes. A window opens in which you enter the registration code from the second mail. Confirm with “Ok” and then enter a password. Click on “Exit”. The program is now activated.


If the screen is gray after clicking on the link and the info window for the full version does not open, it could be because the “Protection from activity tracking” function has been switched to “Always” in the settings in Firefox. To fix the problem, click the “Shield” icon in the address bar and then click the “Disable protection for this site” button. Alternatively, open the Firefox settings, switch to the “Privacy & Security” area. Under “Protection from tracking activities” you can now add the website of to the exception list via “Exceptions” or alternatively select “Only activate in private windows”, which means that this function is only active in private surfing mode.

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