PCWELT Easter campaign 2022: We are giving away spam call protection

Until April 24th we give you a great full version every day. So it’s worth checking in here every day.

During the Easter period we give you a gift in the frame

the PC-WELT Easter campaign

Every day

a full version from April 11th to April 24th.

Every day, including weekends and holidays! Another good reason to visit every day. During this time, you will receive software every day for a wide variety of purposes. A total of 14 great programs or offers await you over 14 days!

Here you can download the full version of the day


the respective

Easter full version of the day

is always possible

on the relevant calendar day

download. Also note the applicable rules for activating the full versions.

In addition, it is currently running

a €1,700 sweepstakes in which you can win a mini gaming PC with an RTX 3070

be able to win. You can find more information on this in this article (with a competition form for participation) and in the following video:

The full version on April 24, 2022: Tellows call protection for Fritzbox (annual license)

tellows call protection protects Fritzbox users from advertising calls and telephone scammers. The Fritzbox extension uses a database in which all known advertising callers and fraudulent numbers are stored. A score of 7 to 9 is displayed for each caller, serious calls receive a score of 1. You can decide whether you want calls to be put through with a score or whether these calls should be blocked immediately.

Here you can download the full version of the day

How to start:

Open the website and place the Tellows call protection “in the shopping cart”. On the right side of the summary, click on “Apply discount code” to expand the input field and enter “pcwelt22” here. Confirm with “Apply discount” and the purchase price of 9.99 euros will be reset to 0. Click “Proceed to Checkout” and then create an account with the manufacturer or sign in with an existing account. In the next step “Payment method” enter some personal information, click on “update”, tick the General Terms and Conditions and click on “Order with obligation to pay”. You will receive a confirmation email with a link to your customer account. There you will find a product information sheet with your access data and a link to the installation instructions in the “My downloadable products” area.

To use tellows for one year free of charge, log in to your Fritzbox. Create a new phone book via the “Telephony / Phone book” tab and select “Use the phone book of an online provider” and “CardDAV provider”. Under “Internet address of the CardDAV server”, enter the URL https://dav, enter “tellowsfritz” as the user name and the API key from the product information sheet as the password. Repeat the steps for a second phone book and enter here /8-9/ as URL. Now you only have to activate the call barring for incoming calls from the telephone books, if desired. You can find complete instructions at


If the screen is gray after clicking on the link and the info window for the full version does not open, it could be because the “Protection from activity tracking” function has been switched to “Always” in the settings in Firefox. To fix the problem, click the “Shield” icon in the address bar and then click the “Disable protection for this site” button. Alternatively, open the Firefox settings, switch to the “Privacy & Security” area. Under “Protection from tracking activities” you can now add the website of to the exception list via “Exceptions” or alternatively select “Only activate in private windows”, which means that this function is only active in private surfing mode.

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