Peak time display for post offices – never wait again

No more waiting in a Post office or Postbank branch. A new online tool should make this possible. That’s how it’s done.

Post customers can now check in advance on the Internet how busy a post office is at the desired time. This avoids unnecessary waiting times.

How to check the occupancy rate of a post office

Go to in your browser on a PC, notebook, tablet or smartphone. If you allow Swiss Post access to your location in the browser, the site will show you the post offices and Postbank branches in your area, among other things. Now click on one of the branches – if necessary, zoom in on the overview map beforehand.

This is what the occupancy rate looks like in this branch.

You will now see the address, opening hours, shipping deadlines and an overview of the services offered there for the branch you clicked on. But above all this information you can now also see the peak time display. This is for every day of the week, so you can get a convenient overview of when you will probably have to wait and when you will be served immediately without a long wait.

View on smartphone.


View on smartphone.

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The peak time display works like a traffic light system: If the sign is green, you can expect a short waiting time, if the sign is red, the number of visitors is particularly high. The expected hourly visitor load is displayed. It is therefore not a real-time display of the capacity actually measured, but a forecast based on empirical values. The peak time display is regularly updated based on past experience, as Swiss Post promises.

However, the new service should not only increase customer satisfaction. In addition, the peak time display also helps branch operators to control the staffing of their post office counters in a more targeted manner.

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