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Peeling eggs? With this tip, the bowl will come off immediately

Few things are more daunting than the moment you are about to peel an egg and the shell does not separate properly from the egg. The opposite is also true: when the shell comes off your eggs immediately, it feels like a small victory. And good news, because with this trick the bowl of your cooked delicacies will come off immediately from now on.

About one lifehack spoken!

This makes it easier to peel eggs

The trick is a simple procedure. It would help to add half a teaspoon of baking soda to the cooking water in which you boil your eggs. This ensures that the scales will come loose in larger pieces.

Exactly how that works is a technical story, but it has to do with the fact that baking soda increases the PH value of the eggs. The result: the eggshells will not break as easily. How difficult it can be, even thinking about growing food on Mars.

The best peeling technique

Have your eggs been cooked once? Rinse them well and keep them under the cold tap for at least 10 seconds, that is also called a shock. This process ensures on the one hand that the chicken layers will be even easier to peel and on the other hand that the cooking stops – otherwise your semi-soft egg will suddenly still have a hard yolk.

Then the trick is to cut the cap from the egg and then move a tablespoon under the membrane between the egg and the shell. And bet that the peel will come off almost in one go? Magic.

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Peeling eggs? With this tip, the bowl will come off immediately


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