Pelosi wants to push Trump out of the White House: why is that still necessary?

On Monday, Nancy Pelosi, president of the US House of Representatives, will ask Vice President Mike Pence to activate the 25th Amendment. If that fails, an impeachment procedure follows. But why, actually?

In the news: Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker, will ask Mike Pence to activate the 25th amendment on Monday morning in the United States. The reason is the riots in the Capitol, in which 5 people were killed. Pence has 25 hours to answer, if a “no” Pelosi will start the impeachment procedure.

Which amendment? Section 4 of the 25th Amendment. That is the fastest way to remove a president from office. To do so, a majority of his ministers must declare him incompetent. It is not clear whether that will work. Rather, it seems unlikely.

Then drop off? Indeed. Trump was previously under scrutiny under impeachment proceedings in 2019. No mandatory two-thirds majority was found in the Senate at the time, a condition for the impeachment to go ahead.

Can that be done twice? There is no reason why a president should not run through impeachment proceedings twice. Unless, of course, he is effectively disposed of. Only three US presidents have ever gone through impeachment. None of them have two proceedings to their credit.

Why still impeach Trump? You could argue that with 8 or 9 days to go until Trump is finished as president, it is almost impossible to kick him out of his presidential chair. But impeachment does have some consequences for the current president.

  • He will not be allowed to re-emerge as president within four years.
  • He loses his $ 200,000 a year pension, which is due to him as a former president.
  • The services of the Secret Service, to which he is also entitled for the rest of his life, then disappear like snow in the sun.
  • The former president may also normally receive an expense allowance of $ 1 million. That is not possible if he is removed from power.

Especially that first reason seems to be driving the Democrats to an impeachment procedure.

And what if Trump is already president? Of course, Trump has the right to an appeal against Amendment 25, which will take about a month. Then nothing else needs to be done and his term will simply expire. But if it comes to an impeachment, that procedure will continue, even if Trump is already president. Since the Senate may not meet again before the end of Trump’s term, such an impeachment afterwards is quite likely.


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