Penguins pay a visit to the museum during lockdown

The current corona pandemic does not only bring negative things, because the penguins of the Kansas Zoo have made it possible for them to go on a day trip. The penguins paid a visit to the museum nearby, which resulted in super cute images.

Although the Kansas Zoo and the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art are a stone’s throw from each other, the penguins have never visited the museum. Until now because the corona pandemic finally gave them the opportunity to admire the artworks up close.


Visitors are currently not allowed in the zoo, where the penguins live, and in the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. And the penguins eagerly took advantage of that. In an otherwise completely empty museum, they could waddle past all the works and soak up a bit of culture.

A video posted by the museum shows how the visit of the penguins went. The three happy penguins clearly had a good time and gave their eyes a living. In the video, Randy Wisthoff, the executive director of the Kansas Zoo, also tells that the penguins are missing visitors. Normally they always have people to watch, but now it has been quiet in the zoo for several weeks. That is why the trip to the museum gave them extra pleasure.

Watch the video of the penguins’ museum visit here:

Visit their own aquarium

The penguins of the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago previously visited their own aquarium. In doing so, they could finally get acquainted with the other animals with which they live under the same roof.

The penguins of Shedd Aquarium still walk through the aquarium regularly. And they clearly still love that. For example, the aquarium recently posted a video on Twitter showing how penguin Wellington literally skips through the aquarium.


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