Pensions in calmer waters | Heated EU summit | And Crypto fever at Videoland

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A heated EU summit in Brussels. Outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte will talk with his colleagues about possible European and national solutions to the energy crisis. Hopefully the summit will lead to some more bold plans than the rather obvious tips from the European Commission. Also exciting: will the digital schoolyard fight between Rutte and his Slovenian counterpart get a sequel or will the gentlemen keep it tidy.

We will stay in the European Parliament for a while, to be precise. There they will vote on measures that Member States should take to deal the death blow to tax avoidance. The theme has been high on the agenda since the revelations from the Pandora Papers.

Sighing of relief or perhaps swearing under your breath of disappointment. Pensions are doing better, but still not good enough to keep pace with inflation. Bale moment for those who have an increasing amount of month left at the end of their pension.

A setback for those concerned about the staff shortage. One of the solutions to this problem can go in the trash. The idea that everything is solved if part-timers start working a few more hours a week, is met with the always unruly reality: there are fewer and fewer people who want to work more.

The Crypto fever is going wild at Videoland. In a series of four parts, documentary maker June te Spenke dives into the Dutch crypto scene in search of the answer to the question: revolution or bubble? She speaks to Humberto Tan, Sander Schimmelpenninck, Rotjoch and Daniƫl Verlaan about their vision on cryptocurrencies.

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