Performance review soon? This way you ensure a successful conversation

It is already the end of November, and for many people this means that the appraisal or performance interview is coming again. That is always quite exciting, because you will receive feedback from your supervisor and you may even negotiate your salary at the end of the interview. How do you make sure that you walk out the door feeling satisfied?

A successful performance appraisal or appraisal interview starts with good preparation.

Performance interview or assessment interview?

The terms performance review, year-end interview and assessment interview are often used interchangeably. Employers themselves choose what type of conversation they have. For the most part, these conversations are the same, although a performance appraisal does not only discuss the employee, but also the cooperation between employee and employer. You often do not receive an assessment during a performance interview. It’s all about feedback.

Prepare well

Whatever type of conversation you have planned; it is essential that you prepare it well. You do this, for example, by asking yourself a number of questions:

What have you contributed to the company this year?

Have you brought in a new customer? Come up with a change that affects the entire company? Saved money? Have you often received compliments from your manager and colleagues? This is not the time to be modest. It is nice to actually put this on paper. This way you confidently step into the conversation.

Tip: From now on, keep a record of your successes during the year (these may also be small successes), so that you have a really good overview of what you have achieved in the year.

Did you achieve the goals you set last year?

If not, where was that because of? Did you have too much work pressure? Were the goals too challenging? Make sure you are clear before the interview whether you have achieved your goals and why you succeeded or not. That way, you will never be tongue-tied during the performance interview.

What do you want to develop yourself in next year?

During the performance review or year-end interview, we look back on the past year, but also look ahead. Therefore, consider in advance what you want to develop in. Do you find it difficult to come up with this? Then make a personal development plan for yourself, in which you already set development goals. You can discuss this with your manager during the interview.

Stay calm

Rationally, you know that feedback helps you grow and that such a conversation is only very good for your career. Yet it often affects us. Remember that your supervisor is only giving this feedback now because he or she wants to help you. It’s never a personal attack, so don’t get on the defensive.

Do you really not understand where your manager comes from? Then ask for clarification and what you can do better in the future. You can indicate that you are sad, shocked, or surprised by the feedback, but don’t deny that it is true.

Time for a salary increase?

A positive review is the ideal time to request a raise. Just make sure you have the right timing. If the company is currently suffering from the corona crisis, now is not the right time. But is that not the case and have you meant a lot to the company? Then it is.

Here too good preparation is important. Find out what your worth and have a clear overview of why you deserve this salary increase.

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Time for the end-of-year meeting? This way you ensure a successful conversation


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