Permanent appointment: what does it mean and what is the difference with contractual employees?

“An appointment is legally a unilateral decision,” explains employment law professor Alexander De Becker (UGent). “Of course you cannot appoint anyone against his will, so as a civil servant you agree with your appointment. But the big difference is that you cannot negotiate your terms of employment, like your wages. These are imposed on you by the government. If you accept your appointment, the statute will apply to you. “

That also means that you are appointed as permanent dismissals can only be made in the cases specified in that statute. “The most common are disciplinary and evaluation. All other grounds for dismissal (such as cutbacks or the loss of a position) may not be used,” says Professor De Becker.

“If I, as an employer in the private sector, want to fire someone tomorrow, that person will be outside. It could cost me a lot of money, but that person will no longer have access to the workplace. That will not work with a civil servant. disciplinary or evaluation procedure. “


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