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Peter Gillis back with Massa is Kassa: ‘Photo hours at holiday parks’

Hatseflats, there they are again from tonight! The high-profile holiday park family Gillis with their reality series Mass is Kassa on SBS6. Subway spoke “protagonist” Peter.

What a man, that Peter Gillis (58), as hundreds of thousands of viewers saw from August during the first series Gillis family: Massa is Kassa. Thoroughly Brabander, friend of Nicol Kremers, 30 years younger, and father of Mark, Ruud and Inge from a previous marriage. Self-made multi-millionaire (Quote 500 estimated him at 85 million euros in 2018), who as a boy also knew poverty and therefore now supports charities for young people who are struggling.

Peter Gillis not only has a big wallet, his stomach also contains many extra kilos. The owner of eleven Oostappen Holiday Parks in the Netherlands and Belgium, in which his friends and children also work, does not speak his languages ​​but has certainly not fallen on his mouth. He blurts out everything that comes to mind. And especially his beautiful one-liners. “Kendeda?” “Not bullshit, but fill beds.” “Are you too fat? Call Dick ”when he talks about his dietitian. “Foxwild!” When he’s angry. And his inevitable “hatseflats”, of course.

The man who misses nothing

In the first series we saw Peter and Nicol move into a cupboard of a house, just across the border in Neerpelt, Belgium. Holiday parks that were desolate in the spring due to the corona virus and were allowed to open again in the summer. And a man who really does not miss a thing, whether it is a loose electrical wire or an incomprehensible “corona walking route”. All this talked together by an entertaining voice-over, Frank Lammers.

The Gillis family in Massa is Kassa
From left to right: Ruud, Inge, Mark and Peter Gillis and Nicol Kremers. Photo: Talpa

How are you?
“It is going very well with the Gillis boy family, and with me and Nicol anyway. We just finished the holidays, we enjoyed inhaling. And I’m talking about food and drink of course, haha. ”

No lettuce leaves for Christmas for your diet?
“Noooooo, gourmet with the kids. One at a time, because that is currently required in Belgium. But yes, completely fine, because the world is concerned with that. Good food had to be possible, we also went to Nicol’s parents for a delicious turkey. And you know: too fat? Call Dick. ”

Many positive reactions to Massa is Kassa

The second series comes pretty soon after the first.
“Yes, but it attracted a lot of viewers and I really enjoyed doing it myself. We have had many positive reactions. Two weeks ago we were in Amsterdam for a short while and once out of the car everyone recognizes us. A lot of people want to have their picture taken and that’s fine, I’ll make time for that. I think that’s important, because they are loyal viewers. ”

What do those people say to you?
“Hey Peter! How is your weight? How are you ducks? You also see everything eh, I have respect for that. Are you getting married yet? And hatseflats of course, foxwild and mass is cash register. They shout all kinds of things. What strikes me is that there is so much youth watching, between 16 and 18 years old. From Maastricht to Amsterdam, all those young people call fox wild. ”

How did you actually get that fox game?
“That’s after my old dog, Fox.”

“My own drives me crazy”

Coming back to that “really seeing everything”, how is that possible?
“Well, I have to say that I get mad at my own every now and then. Kendeda? I’ve always had that. It is not for nothing that I have built so many holiday parks from scratch. I just started with 0 euros, which I find quite special myself. I was on top of everything myself and worked day and night. That’s why I started to see everything, every detail. Sometimes I actually have to close my eyes, otherwise I go crazy. But tape shouldn’t be loose and I can’t stand it if something is crooked. Then I become fox wild. I always come in somewhere when something is not right, it seems. And then you can already see my sons looking: there you have that old man again. But I just try to teach them, of course, so that they can see for themselves. ”

How are things in your parks now? Houses rented out, but catering closed?
“No, no, we are always closed all winter. We are a seasonal company, from Easter to fall. Then the end will be closed, except for the regular annual guests. When the new measures came in the autumn, the catering industry started to collect. And when everything had to be closed due to the lockdown, we were already closed. You can see that all reflected in the new series. ”

So the current lockdown affects you much less than the previous one?
“Not so hard, no.”

Were you able to save the season a little bit last summer?
“It has certainly been busy, but you will never make up for such a bad spring. In September and October people also wanted to leave, close to home. Summer and fall were perfect, but March through June it just sucked. That was nothing. Still, I am happy how it went. If we had to close in July and August, we would have had a bigger problem. ”

How did you experience Season 1, was it difficult to always have cameras in your life?
“In the beginning it took some getting used to. That you already have a camera in your bedroom when you get up. But at a certain point you don’t even mind it anymore. Those people come along and we do our thing, done. It is important that you always remain your own, I think we have remained that as a family. We just say everything, that’s how we work. Hard to hard and a minute later we forgot about it. ”

Mass is Kassa, but also hard work

The power of Mass is Kassa, isn’t it that you are the way you are?
“Yes, we don’t have double agendas. You can see that in the series and people apparently like that. And we want to show that we just have to work hard for it. The latter is the reason why we did it. We had already been asked, but then felt that we were already busy enough. But after insistence, I thought “we’ll do it anyway”. Let’s show the whole of the Netherlands that we don’t get it all for free. It is sometimes said that I have a big car and earn it all easily. But no, we don’t earn it easy at all, but by working hard, seven days a week. ”

And you never forget how you had it in your youth …
“Indeed. I come from a poor family, we had nothing. When moms started knitting a green sweater for me and the green wool was gone, she finished the sweater with a ball of yellow that was still there. And as the youngest I often got clothes that three others had already worn. Well, that didn’t make me any worse. “

In the coming series we see that you had put your garden in the Christmas spirit.
“Absolutely. Lots of people came to watch. I think there were six to seven hundred cars a day and everyone was taking pictures. Around here they say Santa lives there. I should actually have a beard. ”

Everywhere in the picture

Is your fame now many times greater than before the series?
“That I know for sure. People film from their car when I drive on the highway, they want their picture taken at petrol stations. Not normal. Not. Normal! When I’m in a city, it’s about hundreds of photos, so to speak. ”

You can charge money for it, because mass is cash register.
“No dude, haha. They are loyal viewers, I think they are important. You have to make time for people. In the new holiday season we will arrange things a little differently at the parks. From Easter there will be fixed photo moments, so that people know which hour I am at which park, whether Nicol or one of the children. Anyone who wants a photo can get it at that time and no one will be disappointed. Then they can immediately neighborhood with us. Hatseflats, hoppatee. ”

What about the excess pounds now?
“During the holidays I mainly lost a lot of weight in my wallet, haha. To be honest, I haven’t been on the scales yet. There will be a bit of a yo-yo effect. And a disappointed Dick. ”

Will there be a third season Massa is Kassa?
“We first have to see what the second does and whether there are many viewers again. Then we can talk about a possible third series. Let us finish this first, because we still have about eight shooting days in January. ”

Busy in 2021… Mass is Kassa!

What do you expect from the year 2021?
“I expect business to be very busy. After all, the vaccination is coming, but we also notice from the reservations that many people are still reluctant to board a plane. Everyone already books and wants to have a place. I expect that many will go on holiday in their own country in the coming years and that it will be busy, at an appropriate distance of course. ”

And will that engagement ring still show up?
“To marry is to cut, boy. Who knows that I will just ask you once. But not on command, you know? ”

Massa is Kassa can be seen on SBS6 and for 8 weeks on Monday evening at 8.30pm from tonight (4 January).

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