Peter R. de Vries says sorry after Masked Singer performance in Promenade

In Promenade showed how a mask of the Hindu god Ganesha was used for a parody of it The Masked Singer. Peter R. de Vries, who previously had a guest appearance in the program, unmasked himself as a singer.

The performance was quickly criticized on Twitter. Ganesha is a god in Hinduism. He is the god of knowledge, wisdom and is considered the patron saint of travelers. “Do you realize that you have offended Hindus and Hinduism?” can be read on the social medium. “This has not been a good joke,” adds yet another. “This has been unnecessarily hurtful and insulting.”

Peter himself has now apologized on Twitter: ‘This week I did like Masked Singer Ganesha participated in a skit in Promenade. I didn’t know then that this is a god. ‘ According to Peter, it is not the intention of anyone on the program to mock or hurt any religion or followers at any time. “Excuse me if you did.”

Peter spoke about this trip in RTL Boulevard, which you can see below.


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