Petition against ‘exploitation of employees by Amazon’

The petition calls on Amazon to ensure better working conditions and fair wages for employees. As a result, the company would no longer unfairly disadvantage competition.

FNV also urges Dutch politicians to speak out against Amazon’s poor employership.

The unions also want Amazon to pay attention to the climate. In early December, the worldwide union umbrella UniGlobal will offer all political statements of support to Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon.

According to FNV Vice President Tuur Elzinga, Amazon’s commercial successes are in stark contrast to the way the company deals with fundamental aspects of “decent” business operations. In an e-mail, Elzinga calls on Dutch politicians to draw attention to “unfair competition, a responsible employment conditions policy, paying taxes, the recognition of trade union rights and corporate social responsibility”.

FNV made the call on Black Friday, the day on which stores start selling and this year is especially busy with online stores. Although Amazon is not yet that big in the Netherlands, according to FNV it is emphatically present in the e-commerce landscape. They deliver from two German distribution centers and return shipments are carried out by Dutch transport companies.

Earlier this year, European union leaders asked for an investigation into Amazon. It concerns an investigation into anti-union policy and the alleged spying on both own employees and critical politicians. This initiative was followed by a letter from 37 MEPs to Amazon asking for clarification on these practices.

The European Commission recently concluded as a preliminary conclusion in an investigation into Amazon that the company does not properly use its dual role. Amazon is both a seller itself and a marketplace for other sellers.


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