Petition to remove Amber Heard from ‘Aquaman’ has already received 1.5 million signatures

An online petition to strike actress Amber Heard from the sequel of Aquaman has already received a huge number of signatures. In total, more than one and a half million people have already signed the petition.

The demand to replace Amber Heard in the role of Mera in the second Aquaman movie came after Warner Bros. had decided to replace her ex Johnny Depp as Grindelwald in Fantastics Beasts. The film studio decided to do so because of the persistent stories about domestic violence that are linked to him.

For example, Depp was recently proven wrong in a lawsuit against the British newspaper The Sun. Who had described him as “wife-beater“. The actor could not laugh about that, so he took the newspaper to court for defamation. But he lost that process.

Although Depp appealed, Warner Bros. to ask him to step down from his role as Grindelwald. Mads Mikkelsen has since been appointed as a replacement.

Amber Heard

Many Johnny Depp fans are angry with the movie studio for that decision. They don’t think it’s possible that Warner Bros. will continue to work with Amber Heard for the sequel Aquaman.

“Amber Heard has been proven to assault Johnny Depp. She punched him twice in the face and injured his finger with a broken bottle, which left Depp in the hospital. Amber Heard is known to be guilty of domestic violence and Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment are also removing her from Aquaman 2“Can be read in the petition they have drawn up.

1.6 million

The initiators point out that this discrimination once again shows that domestic violence against men is often taken much less seriously. In the meantime, Amber Heard has already spoken out against the initiators of the petition.

But that doesn’t stop the popularity of this call. To date, more than 1.6 million people have already signed the online petition. This means they are already over half of the 3 million signatures they want to collect.


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