Peugeot 308 SW (2021): driving report, engine, plug-in hybrid, price

Old number, new connection: This is how the 308 station wagon runs as a plug-in hybrid

The new Peugeot 308 has the same name as the old one, but is completely new. AUTO BILD has already tested the station wagon with plug-in hybrid.

D.we know the number: 308. But the rest is new. When Peugeot at the turn of the year at prices from 23,700 euros takes a new approach on the golf course under the old abbreviation, these three numbers are pretty much the only thing that reminds you of the past. The new Golf of the Gauls is now available as a sleek and sporty compact model that is able to deal with the new infotainment, lots of cameras and plenty of assistants made fit for the iPhone generation. (Important tips for buying a new car on the Internet)

The Peugeot 308 has grown up

Peugeot 308 SW (2021): New presentation – seat sample – combi – price

New 308 station wagon in the first check

And he grew up: Exactly how Citroën C4, DS 4 and Opel astra Built on the Stellantis EMP2 platform, the wheelbase is five centimeters longer and the sheet metal stretches up by eleven centimeters 4.37 meters. Also the Station wagon – each exactly 1000 euros more expensive and 27 centimeters longer – has grown with the generation change, now measures 4.64 meters (plus 6 cm) and, as a hybrid, holds 548 liters of cargo. The French are particularly proud of her further developed iCockpit. Even the combination of an extra-small steering wheel and digital instruments that have been pushed up high 3D effects is unconventional, but works really well after a little getting used to. But the highlight are the two Touch screens next to it – the upper one because it has great graphics, and the lower one because you can put any tile you want there.

Wallbox + 100% green electricity – exclusive charging package in the AUTO BILD edition

Wallbox Charge Amps Halo ™
499 € instead of € 1189 RRP

And underneath there are a few classic buttonsthat sound less stuffy when you call them “toggles”. Wolfsburg watch out: At Ergonomics and usability the Golf can cut a thick slice here.

The vote is rather cuddly

Peugeot 308

Not too sharp claws: Despite 180 hp and 350 Nm, the chassis and steering remain rather comfortable.

© PSA Groupe

Like his siblings, the new one comes 308 with two Plug-in variants. The combination of one 1.6 liter gasoline engine with 150 or 180 hp, a 110 hp Electric motor on the front axle and one 12.4 kWh battery under the back seat for up to 60 kilometers of electric range is partly thanks to the advancement cheap for the wallet. And on the other hand, the 308 also shows those claws when powered, which one looks in vain in the 1.2-liter petrol engines with 110 or 130 hp. Sound better than that Three-cylinder the part-time streamers can do it on top of that – and not only until at the latest 135 km / h the combustion engine jumps to the side of the electric motor. All frequent drivers must be grateful for another engine variant: the diesel is not up for discussion with the French – and purrs with 1.5 liters of displacement and 130 hp, frugally and comfortably over the long haul. When driving, the 308 then overall less biting than one would expect from an ambitious attacker: a raid on the golf course would require more spice in the chassis and sharpness in the steering.

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The family does have the DS for cuddling, but a little cuddling is apparently also in the family with the Peugeot lion. And soon there will be more velvet paws, it’s only a matter of time before one fully electric 308e comes. (Calculate maintenance costs? To the car insurance comparison)

Technical data Peugeot 308 SW Hybrid 180 e-EAT8 • Motor: four-cylinder, turbo + electric motor • Displacement: 1598 cm³ • Power: 110 kW (150 PS) • Max. Torque: 250 Nm • E-motor: 81 kW (110 PS) • System output: 133 kW (180 PS ) • max. System torque: 360 Nm • drive: front, eight-speed automatic • length / width / height: 4636/1852/1442 mm • empty weight: 1659 kg • trunk: 548-1574 l • 0-100 km / h: 7.7 s • Vmax: 225 km / h • Consumption (WLTP): 1.1 l S / 100 km • CO2 exhaust gas: 25 g / km • price from 37,900 euros

* Further information on the official fuel consumption and the official specific CO2 emissions and, if applicable, the power consumption of new cars can be found in the “Guide to Official Fuel Consumption”, which is available free of charge at all sales outlets and from “Deutsche Automobil Treuhand GmbH” (www

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