Peugeot 508 vs. Skoda Superb: Hybrid station wagons in the test

The duel of the hybrid station wagons

Lots of space and power: As a plug-in hybrid, the Peugeot 508 and Skoda Superb become station wagons for connoisseurs. AUTO BILD makes the comparison.


These wonderfully different mid-range suits are all about taste. Here is the rapidly playful Peugeot 508. With best regards to the successful 504, yet fashionably crouched, wide and beefy, he has been demanding German premium competition since last year French haute couture out. All those who want something more tangible like, imagine Skoda Superb Combi the perfect partner for everyday life.

The prettier test candidate is the Peogeot 508 SW

Peugeot 508 SW

With its grim front and tight silhouette, the 508 is highly recognizable.

As an IV Czech family ship even a green coat of paint. The 1.4 liter TSI an electric motor is put aside here. In total, the duo is tight 218 hp. No problem for that French lionswith a potent plug-in hybrid and 225 hp is an equal hunter. He is a pretty boy anyway. On 4.77 meters long and powerful 1.91 meters wide it is a rolling statement for more Independence. Regardless of whether it is a grim front, a tight silhouette or the continuous strip of lights that, with the three obliquely arranged rear lights, allude to the old 504 Cabrio – no one will confuse that. Through the frameless doors, we continue the journey of discovery inside. You fall deep into that cozy, wide armchair, but the high belt line makes it difficult to get an overview – especially since large drivers disappear far behind the B-pillar.

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There’s plenty of space in the Skoda

Skoda Superb Combi

Living room: The Superb caresses its guests with an incredible amount of space – especially in row two.

With what to expect pragmatism the Superb, on the other hand, receives his almost in a direct comparison five years of construction are clearly visible. That also changes that Facelift of 2019 – recognizable by the advertised brand lettering and the revised front section – Nothing. He looks slim and tall-legged next to the Frenchman. In fact, he has five inches less bacon on his ribs in width. But if you fear space constraints in the interior, you have made the calculation without the Czechs. You are the Grand Master of Space Economics, not only make up for the missing five centimeters from the outside, but even beat another five centimeters Out. The magic trick is made possible by cleverly shaped door panels. The Superb extends its length plus of eight centimeters directly to the second row of seats further where he is a Rocking paradise offers that one would normally expect in a long version of a Mercedes S-Class.

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On the other hand, it looks almost claustrophobic Rear of the 508, where flexibility is expected from tall passengers. Tight knee room, low seat height and hardly any space for the feet make little desire for the next France tour. Although at least with a bank of 530 to 510 liters, at least one box more red wine always fits in than with Skoda. But it doesn’t just miss the maximum volume.

When it comes to consumption, the two hybrids don’t do much

Peugeot 508 SW Skoda Superb Combi

Almost tied: with a full battery, the Skoda used 4.9, the Peugot 4.8 liters per 100 kilometers.

Above all, it scores in everyday life with its numerous, well usable subjects in the loading floor. The charging cable can also be stowed away quickly and easily. At Peugeot is one for that cumbersome bag provided that requires some folding and wrapping skills. Nobody does that in the long run, so cable spaghetti. On the other hand, connoisseurs will Peugeot drive appreciate. He hums quietly, that Switching on the burner happens almost imperceptibly. Especially in city operations, he can use his two additional speed levels, which are also gentle and easy on the nerves alternate via converter, fully compared to that gruff Six-speed DSG of the Skoda play out. It feels like it drives more often in pure E mode, but the measured values ​​speak a different language. However, if he bundles his strength in the boost function, the Peugeot pilot only sees the rear lights. At least up to the target speed, then the Frenchman can More efficient play out again. There is stalemate at consumption, where the 508 is only slightly ahead.

Reversed roles on the other hand in the chassis. During the Skoda with its adjustable undercarriage surfing on the soft wave while doing it plenty of build-up movementsn produced, the 5th08 noticeably harder, but also more binding. A courtesy that we would also like to see when it comes to service. Reflective buttons, confusing menus with plenty of sub-functions in the French; Skoda regulates this better and more intuitively. Because the Superb ends up with one too scarce thousands is cheaper and later more stable in value, the victory clearly goes to the Czech Republic. Francophiles will not mind. You define lifestyle anyway through enjoyment instead of points.

The conclusion: Charming, independent design – the 508 appeals. The fact that he does not win is due to the lack of fine tuning in terms of space economy, comfort and operation. Here the pragmatic and balanced Skoda shows how it’s done. In the end, the Superb is deserved and quite clearly ahead.


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