Peugeot e-208: price, test, range, engine, battery

The most powerful 208 of the second generation is an electric car. The e-208 does 136 hp and is a bit more luxurious than the combustion engines – recognizable, however, only by the missing exhaust pipes, the blue designed grill and the blue “e” emblems on each side. Get in, cockpit, gear lever, everything like in a gasoline engine. Engage gear D and the e-208 accelerates to 100 km / h in 8.1 seconds; but then the values ​​determined in the WLTP process melt up to 362 kilometers range like ice in the sun. 260 Nm Torque make the little ones very confident, a whopping 1585 kilos of weight force the stiff suspension to one A little more comfort.


Shell recharge

Shell recharge

E-car very easy. With the all-round carefree package.

Save now with the e-car subscription. For example with the Fiat 500 e-Icon for 259 euros instead of 309 euros, or with the Peugeot e-208 GT for 339 euros instead of 369 euros.

The basic version Peugeot e-208 Active starts at 31,950 euros

Three driving modes (Eco, Normal and Sport) are standard. Below D is the additional speed level B for stronger braking, the energy in the 50 kWhbattery returns. In normal mode, the Peugeot consumed fuel on our first trip, according to the on-board computer 18.8 kWh per 100 kilometers, the Renault Zoe was last more economical with 13.9 kWh. And with 31,950 euros base price the Frenchman tears a pain threshold, precisely because the largely identical Opel Corsa-e (click here for the driving report) costs less than 30,000 euros. It’s good that the purchase premium for electric cars is still missing.
Peugeot e-208 !! BLOCKING PERIOD October 02, 2019 7 a.m. !!

Thanks to fast charging technology, the battery of the e-208 is 80 percent charged in 30 minutes.

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