Peugeot has a new logo – the lion’s head is reminiscent of the sixties

The new brand logo is designed in 2D and can therefore be represented digitally more easily.

The new brand logo is designed in 2D and can therefore be represented digitally more easily.

Peugeot communication

The Peugeot boss Linda Jackson and Matthias Hossann, the brand’s new chief designer, jointly presented the eleventh brand logo in the company’s 210-year history in an online presentation on Thursday. The male lion has been the heraldic animal of the versatile brand since 1850.

The French not only make cars, but also bicycles and kitchen utensils, among other things. The family company at the time began series production of passenger cars as early as 1891, making Peugeot the world’s oldest car manufacturer still in existence.

A tribute to the sixties

With the redesigned logo, however, new capital is to be turned over. In the future, only the profile of the lion’s head will be shown in the company coat of arms. In addition, the brand name is now in a new font. A rather unusual sight, after all, since around 1975 the whole body of the big cat has always been emblazoned in an aggressive pose on the logo of the traditional brand.

However, the new trademark should be familiar to those familiar with the history of Peugeot. The car manufacturer from Alsace introduced a very similar logo in 1960, parallel to the presentation of the successful 404 model. Even then, only the head of the predator was depicted on the coat of arms. For example, the symbol was found on the steering wheel of the 1969 Peugeot 504 Coupé.

The E-Legend gave a foretaste

The Peugeot E-Legend concept car, unveiled in 2018, was a futuristic reinterpretation of the aforementioned classic. The French used the classic logo with the lion’s head again for the first time and thus gave an outlook on the future branding that has now been presented.

The future logo has been slightly modified and is overall more minimalist. While the predecessor, which has been in use since 2010, was still three-dimensional, the new logo is only designed in 2D and is therefore easier to display digitally. Other car manufacturers such as Volkswagen and BMW have also redesigned their logos in recent years for the same reason.

With the E-Legend study, the lion's head celebrated its comeback after almost fifty years.

With the E-Legend study, the lion’s head celebrated its comeback after almost fifty years.

Peugeot communication

The golf opponent Peugeot 308, which will appear this year, will be the first production model to proudly wear the modernized lion coat of arms on the hood. But not only the logo is affected by the changes. The new brand identity runs under the name “Lions of our time” and includes, among other things, the typography, the interior design of the Peugeot dealers and the design of the brand website. Basically, every letterhead, brochure and advertising sign for the brand around the world has to be changed. This is of course associated with immense costs.

However, the year of change in 2021 seems to be the perfect time for the brand’s creative realignment. Finally, last January, the merger with the Italian-American FCA group (Fiat, Chrysler, Maserati etc.) to form the new auto giant Stellantis was completed. In addition, the French want to position themselves higher in the future and push the electrification of their model range at full throttle.

Peugeot's sales partners now also have to adapt their appearance.

Peugeot’s sales partners now also have to adapt their appearance.

Peugeot communication


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