Pfizer cuts vaccine shipments to Italy

Because they can no longer keep up with the production, the pharmaceutical company Pfizer will deliver 29 percent less corona vaccine to Italy from Monday. The pharmaceutical company did not announce how long the delivery restriction would apply, said the Italian government’s Covid Special Representative, Domenico Arcuri on Friday evening.

He complained to the group about the “seriousness and unbelievable timing” of the announcement. If there are no reactions, Italy wants to take legal action against Pfizer, Arcuri reported in a press release.

Hard blow

Pfizer’s announcement is a hard blow to Italy on the day the country passed the one million vaccine count. Italy wanted to start distributing the vaccine these days to people over 80 who live outside of retirement homes. So far, health workers and patients in old people’s homes have been vaccinated.

Italy, which has also received vaccination doses from the pharmaceutical company Moderna, wants to vaccinate at least 15 million people by the end of April. Therefore, the health workforce has been increased significantly.


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