Philips lamp that disinfects rooms for sale in the Netherlands

The Philips disinfecting table lamp is available from today in the Netherlands through major web stores, including Coolblue and Surfaces and objects can be disinfected with the UV-C table lamp.

After just 9 seconds of exposure to UV-C light sources, the infectivity of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the virus that causes COVID-19, is reduced to almost zero, says Signify after laboratory tests. “Our germicidal lamps are very effective at breaking down the DNA of microorganisms. This means that they cannot multiply or cause disease.”

Leave the room yourself

Users should not be in the room when the lamp is on, as UV-C can be harmful to the eyes and skin. The lamp has built-in sensors that turn off the device when motion is detected. “Users are prompted by built-in voice guidance to leave the room before the light turns on.”

Bathroom disinfected in 15 minutes

According to Signify, an average-sized living room needs about 45 minutes of exposure to UV-C light to be sanitized. “A bedroom takes 30 minutes and a typical bathroom takes about 15 minutes.”

Signify is already using the same lighting technology for ‘sports halls, changing rooms, waiting areas or other places where people want to come together in a safer way’.

The table lamp costs 119 euros.


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