Philips wants to fix problems with streaming apps on its TVs soon

Philips (TP Vision) is reportedly already working on an Android TV 8 (Oreo) update for its 4K TVs
Philips (TP Vision) is reportedly already working on an Android TV 8 (Oreo) update for its 4K TVs

Unfortunately, the streaming apps no longer work correctly on some Philips TVs. Now the manufacturer has promised relief.

We had already reported about the problems: Streaming apps such as Amazon Prime Video, Disney + or Netflix suddenly no longer run on TV in 4K or even in HD. Instead, when using the internal apps, viewers only get to see plain SD, i.e. 540p or 480p. Of course you don’t really want to see that in 2020. So far, it remains unclear where the cause can be found.

The assumption is that there is a problem with the DRM certificates. Because trailers are still played correctly in HD or UHD. But as soon as a film or series is started, playback falls back to SD. TV sets from model years 2017 and 2018 are affected. Newer televisions from 2019 and 2020 apparently do not have the problem.

TP Vision has confirmed the problem again and officially announced a quick remedy. In Europe, TP Vision is behind the Philips brand in the TV segment. The company is aware of the restrictions. It is reported that the situation for many users has already improved within the last few days. However, they are working flat out with their technology specialists and external partners on a final solution

Streaming in SD: TP Vision does not want to expect this from its customers for long

As soon as a final solution has been found, it will be distributed to all affected TV sets or customers as soon as possible. It goes without saying that you want to quickly appease dissatisfied customers. We ourselves also see the incident as a reason to recommend external streaming solutions. As a rule, they receive updates longer, run more efficiently than the internal apps and are significantly more flexible.

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