Phone scams: beware of these phone numbers

If one of these ten phone numbers appears on your phone screen, you should block the number immediately. The reason.

Mimikama, a news portal specializing in security and privacy issues, has unveiled a list of the phone numbers from which the most spam calls have been made in the past month. The data for the evaluation comes from Clever Dialer, a company that offers anti-spam solutions for phones.

A Berlin number is number 1

According to this compilation, it is a Berlin phone number from which most spam calls were made in August 2022. The number 03016637169 appeared on the phone display of the person called a total of 13,277 times. Anyone who answered this call was confronted with a competition. The brief description of this is: “Travel voucher, shopping voucher offered, you have the correct address and cell phone number, then ask for your date of birth – fraud!”

Other very popular spam numbers

In second place with just over 9,000 recorded calls is a number from Frankfurt am Main: 06966102716. The callers are trying to take advantage of the rising electricity and energy prices for dubious machinations and probably promise cheaper rates. The only thing that helps here is: hang up. Or better yet, don’t even answer the call.

Call ID spoofing: How to protect yourself from fraudulent calls

The numbers 015210459096 and 015215173526 are the 3rd and 4th most used numbers for spam calls. Both try to lure the caller into the cost trap with alleged sweepstakes. The foreign number 31686390365, in turn, tries to convince those called that they have taken out a paid subscription and have to pay for it.

In places 6 to 10 of the most frequently used spam telephone numbers in August 2022 are: 04029996027 (death insurance), 015218528018 (cost trap), 015783349220 (raffle), 06987001746 (cost trap) and 021198709935 (cost trap).

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