Photo of Joyce’s deceased grandmother used by WhatsApp scammers

Joyce tells RTL Nieuws how she was approached by an unknown couple a few weeks ago. The couple had received an app, with her deceased grandmother Willy from Veghel in Brabant as the sender.

“The couple did not trust the message and had searched the internet for the photo of the woman. That’s how they found out that it was my grandmother,” explains Joyce. “We were completely shocked. How could this be?”

Joyce’s grandmother died of corona in March. “It was such a sweet grandmother, I saw her almost every day. It still hurts a lot.”


As a tribute to her dear grandmother, Joyce had submitted her story with a photo of the 79-year-old grandmother Willy for an online memorial book of Omroep Brabant. The fraudsters probably got the photo from there. “It was such a beautiful and brave grandmother and that’s why I wanted to pay her that last tribute.”

“She had COPD lung disease but was still alive. She celebrated Carnival at the beginning of this year. When she got corona, we already knew that it could never end well. She died after one day.”

Joyce has said goodbye to her grandmother. “When I heard she had corona, I immediately went to her house and waved in front of her window.”

That the photo is being abused in this way causes a lot of anger. Besides the couple, Joyce was also approached by a man. He had the exact same scam story, says Joyce. “He too had received a WhatsApp message with the fake account my grandmother had been used for. He was asked about photos on Marktplaats. A very strange story, which the man did not trust. And he also found the memorial site via Google. the photo of my grandmother was on and then approached me. “

Do story

Joyce will not file a report. “We understand that the police cannot do much about it.”

She wants to tell her story. To prevent other people from falling for this. “I don’t know how many people have been approached and cheated. What I do know is that it can’t and hurts us a lot. I hope they read this and stop.”


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