Photo shows Zen 4 CPU with 96 cores and 12 chiplets

The photo of a decapitated Genoa CPU shows a chip based on Zen 4 with 96 cores and 192 threads.

AMD is preparing for the next Epyc generation Genoa, which should power servers worldwide. This requires a new socket with SP5, which accommodates the gigantic CPUs. In return, this results in up to 96 cores that can process 192 threads simultaneously. In addition, a memory interface with twelve DDR5 channels is used. Photos of the base have now been seen several times, and some Genoa CPUs have already been doing the rounds on the Internet.

96 cores and 192 threads

However, now this is it

first photo of a Genoa CPU without a heat spreader
surfaced. This gives a clear view of the twelve CCDs, each of which houses eight CPU cores. This results in 96 computing cores with 192 threads. AMD can deactivate individual cores with this chiplet method, because the 96 cores in the maximum version are reserved for the flagship. The photo also shows a central element. This is the I/O die of the processor.

Finer structures on less space

For Genoa, AMD uses the 5-nanometer process from contract manufacturer TSMC. At 72 square millimeters, the actual chiplets are slightly smaller than in the Zen 3. The size of the I/O die has also been reduced from 416 to 397 square millimeters. As a result, twelve instead of eight chiplets can be accommodated in the CPU in the future. The size of the entire package is still 37 percent larger than CPUs for the SP3 version. The release of the first Genoa server CPUs is planned for the end of 2022. This will be followed next year with Bergamo, a further development that will house up to 128 cores based on Zen 4c. This results in 256 threads that can be processed simultaneously.

AMD: Epyc CPUs with Zen 5 with up to 256 cores

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