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Photos show how disappointing life in a tiny house can be

… or in parking lots.

For one thing, it doesn’t look particularly appealing, and for another, parking restrictions can be very complicated.

If you want to live in a tiny house, even if it’s on wheels, you can’t just park it in a meadow. It needs the building site and infrastructure – a connection to the road network, the sewage system and the water and electricity networks. The crux of the building ground: in the vicinity of big cities, you can expect 1,700 euros per square meter. Especially for people who want to stay mobile with their tiny house, this large investment in a property is not worth it. Many therefore only have the campsite.

“I wish I knew that finding a parking lot for a tiny house would take a lot of work,” said Bekah Taylor of Tiny Little Life. “We live in Portland, Oregon, and the rules for tiny homes are pretty relaxed there […]. “

Paul Zinken / picture alliance via Getty Images


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