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Photos show how old campers are beautifully converted

Family Lemp from motorhome to camping van

The Lemp family has converted a vintage motorhome into a great camping van.
Sarah Lemp / All Things With Purpose

  • Sarah Lemp, a teacher and blogger from Detroit, Michigan, works with her family to renovate old trailers and RVs.
  • Lemp buys the campers through Facebook Marketplace, spends around three to four weeks renovating them, and then uses them with her family for a few months before selling the vehicles for a profit.
  • Lemp and her family have converted six campers so far. They are currently working on their seventh.
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Sarah Lemp is a Michigan blogger who remodels old RVs. Lemp tells Insider that she initially wanted to buy a trailer because she had positive memories of camping in her own childhood.

“I wanted to camp in style. I had this vision of us and our little family in this little mobile home, ”says Lemp, and also tells of her early desire to own a mobile home. “I fell in love with her.”

She and her husband had three children at the time, so there was enough space for a smaller camper.

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Sarah Lemp

Lemp documents their renovation work on their blog.
Sarah Lemp / All Things With Purpose

In 2014 the Lemps bought their first camper for the equivalent of around 1,500 euros. However, when they realized they needed a bigger vehicle for their growing family, they saw the profit potential of their renovation projects.

After the Lemps had enjoyed using their first converted camper for a few years, they sold it in 2017 for the equivalent of around 8,000 euros, Lemp writes in her blog post. Shortly thereafter, they bought a larger model to accommodate their family of seven.

Lemp family
Lemp family
Sarah Lemp / All Things With Purpose

Lemp and her family have now renovated six mobile homes, including models from the 50s, 70s, 80s and 90s.

Lemp writes about her renovation work on her blog “All Things With Purpose”. Some of their biggest renovation projects are presented below.

Before and after photos show how a woman has glamorously converted old campers

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