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Pick tomatoes this summer? Then you should already start sowing this month

Sow the tomato plant: first indoors, then outdoors

The month of March is the perfect month to sow your tomato plant. But beware: do not immediately do this outside in the ground, because it can still be too cold for that. It is better to first plant the seeds in a greenhouse or at home (in a sunny spot, for example the window bank), so that they can germinate under a constant temperature of about 20 ° C. From the month of May, when it really can no longer freeze, the tomato plants can finally go outside.

This is how you sow tomatoes

It is not very difficult to sow a beautiful and healthy tomato plant, but it is important that you do it in the right way. How? So:

Step 1:
Fill a container with sowing soil up to 1 cm below the edge and press it well.

Step 2:
Make the soil slightly moist, for example with a plant sprayer.

Step 3:
Using a stick or pencil, push holes about half a centimeter deep into the soil. Make sure that there is 2 to 3 cm between each hole.

Step 4:
Place a seed in each hole and close the holes again.

Pay attention: don’t sow too much, three to five plants per variety is more than enough.

Step 5:
Seal the container with cling film or a transparent lid. This way the sun can shine through it, and the heat is retained.

Step 6:
The lid or foil can be removed as soon as you see green dots coming out of the earth. In the meantime, keep the soil well moist.

Step 7:
When your plants have two seed leaves, they need to be moved to a larger pot. This is called ‘transplanting’ and will give your plants a growth spurt to prepare them for the switch outdoors. You do this by filling a pot with a diameter of about 9 cm with regular potting soil. Again, you make holes 3 to 5 cm deep with a stick. About 1 to 3 plants can be planted in the pot.

Step 8:
Take this step carefully: remove the plants from the soil with a (kitchen) fork and gently grasp them by the leaves (not the stem).

Step 9:
Place the plants in the ground to just below the bottom leaf and close the hole. Then spray the plants with a plant sprayer.

Step 10:
With plants larger than 15 cm it is important that the temperature is always at least 15 ° C.

Step 11:
Now they can finally go outside! You can put them in the garden in your vegetable garden, but you can also choose to put the plants each in their own large flower pot. The advantage of this is that she can move them to shade when the sun is too bright, or indoors when frost is coming.

And this is what it looks like:

Can’t wait to pick your own tomatoes and are you curious about what this process will look like? Then take a look at this special timelapse for a sneak peek!


Unfortunately, it also sometimes goes wrong. Why is that?

  • The seedlings fall over: then it was probably too cold or the soil too wet> Throw everything away and start over.
  • The shoots rot: this usually means that you have sown them too deep or too dense> In this case, start all over again.
  • The plants grow tall and thin: then they had too little light and too much heat> Start again.
  • The seedlings are turning yellow: this means you have waited too long to transplant them> Immediately transplant them to regular potting soil.

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