Picontier is now available on Steam in Early Access

The publisher Flyhigh Works and the two developers Skipmore and Kan.Kikuchi have created the “Slow Life RPG” Picontier released a few days ago on Steam in Early Access. An English language version is available. The final publication is planned before June 2021. Until then you can play the first six quests. A switch implementation is also mentioned on the publisher’s side.

Explore secrets in comfort

In Picontier, the main character wakes up on an island that hides some secrets. It is important to uncover these in the leisurely course of the game, with a few story twists waiting. In addition to making weapons, you can also go fishing or run the farm. The inhabitants of the island are also there to help.

Materials can be found when exploring or defeating monsters. There are different opponents at night than during the day. But what about the black fog and the disappearance of Professor Jeda? Magical things happen on this strange island.

via Gematsu, images: Picontier, Flyhigh Works / Skipmore, Kan.Kikuchi


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