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Pilot suddenly dead in “Horizon line” | Movie

Some things never change. Because after a passionate love night, Sara runs off again without saying anything. Yet she and Jackson soon meet again: unplanned, they end up in the same tiny plane, hoping to be in time for the wedding party, an island away. The atmosphere is icy, but if the pilot has a heart attack, the two are still dependent on each other.

Swedish director Mikael Marcimain takes the time to outline their complicated relationship before letting them out in agony. Then he continues to bombard this couple with problems. The fact that Sara, who has only held a control stick a few times, now has to hold the plane in the air with her own hands is apparently not difficult enough. No land in sight, a broken compass, a thunderstorm that breaks out, a faltering radio contact, a leaking tank: it is impossible.

Above all, the often absurd ways in which setbacks are faced undermine credibility. Although there is a ray of hope on the horizon: Allison Williams can show herself in this film at least as “hard” as her male opponent. That is called emancipation.

✭✭✩ (2.5 out of 5)


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