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Most beautiful memory

“In May 1999, I, Dick, traveled with my father by train to Kaliningrad, where he had to work as a forced laborer during the war. Much was destroyed during WWII, but after that the Russians also razed many German buildings to the ground. There was not much recognizable, unfortunately. We went almost every day with a mustache, also to the city from where it was taken away in a freight car after the liberation. For him this journey was certainly a way of processing and for me a nice journey together with my father. ”

Most beautiful trip

“Instead of throwing a big party, we spent more than four weeks in Australia for our 25th wedding anniversary in 2007. Seen and done so much! With a small camper from Sydney to Cairns. In between we made some tours with youthful backpackers from all over the world. During the tour to Fraser Island, we were even called “mom and dad”. A country that we would still like to visit. ”


“We made a tour of Pretoria in South Africa in a passenger car via Durban, Swaziland and Kruger Park. Without navigation, but with a map on your lap. Exciting, because every day we had to have the right route, find accommodation and arrange the necessary tours or attractions. We always had to be in our residence before dark. We just couldn’t manage that on the way back from Hluhluwe Park to St. Lucia. Unlit streets, no lines on the road and a lot of people on both sides. That was a bit of a squeeze, but luckily it ended well. ”


“Costa Rica, if you like nature. Wooded and so many different animals: sloths, monitor lizards and monkeys. ”

Never again

“Cuba was a completely different world: back to the fifties. Fantastic, those old cars, beautifully dressed ladies with fat cigars, the rum and the compelling music. But also nature such as the Viñales valley. Where we were unfortunately far too short: we did an organized tour for the first time, Never again. We had to line up too much and watch our clock. We prefer to discover for ourselves. ”


“For my 60th birthday, my son Ramon allowed me to choose a trip. He went on a world tour. I chose Nepal. Together with him and with a guide / friend we have covered part of the Mardi Himal Trek. Up to 3500 meters in height and minus 10 degrees in the bedroom. Of course we also visited Kathmandu with its many temples. The history, the bustle, the smell and dust, but also the friendly people and Buddhism have impressed me. ”

Always with you

“A clothesline with some pegs and a piece of soap for a hand wash.”

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