Ping pong game from “Forrest Gump” sold for $ 25,600

The table tennis bat that Tom Hanks uses in the iconic movie Forrest Gump has been sold at auction for an impressive $ 25,600 (about 21,000 euros). This brought in a lot more than was expected in advance.

“Someone said world peace was in our hands. But I only played ping pong ”, is one of the legendary quotes from the film classics Forrest Gump. The character, played by Tom Hanks, turns out to have a great talent for table tennis in that film at one point and is thus allowed to play in China as the first American in years.

His successes ensure that Forrest Gump is offered a sponsorship deal, but he refuses to play with their paws. He only wants to play with his own ping-pong bat.

Not unique

According to the website Outsider, the auction house that sold the prop estimated the price of the catch at $ 1,000-2,000. The fact that there is so much more on offer is quite striking since it is not clear whether it is the only one. The description on the auction website referred to “A wooden table tennis pallet used in scenes with Tom Hanks as the titular character in Forrest Gump”And not about“ The wooden table tennis pallet ”. Still, that didn’t stop an anonymous fan from putting the massive $ 25,600 on the table.

Watch some table tennis scenes from the movie F hereorrest Gump


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