Pioneer MVH-330DAB: car radio in test (2022)

The space behind the dashboard is also limited: depending on the vehicle, deep car radios cannot be installed because ventilation ducts or cable harnesses are in the way. The Pioneer MVH-330DAB has an installation depth of 95 millimeters and is therefore one of the more compact DAB+ retrofit radios. Nevertheless, it still has a lot of equipment to offer. In the 2022 AUTO BILD car radio test, the Pioneer MVH-330DAB scored 240 out of a possible 300 points, giving it a grade of 2.2 (“good”). (You can read all the results in our car radio test.)

product test

  • Stable FM and DAB+ reception
  • good speakerphone
  • intuitive operation
  • Display color not customizable

Price €119.00

Pioneer MVH-330DAB in the car radio test

Furnishing: The Pioneer MVH-330DAB is not as extensively equipped as more expensive radios, but you hardly have to do without anything. In addition to a USB port, there is also an AUX port. The mobile phone can also be connected to the radio via Bluetooth. The hands-free system also works via the Bluetooth connection and is equipped with an external microphone. There are two connections for amplifiers on the back of the radio. You have to do without a subwoofer connection with the Pioneer MVH-330 DAB, as well as control via app. The red illumination color cannot be changed. Positive: The radio comes with a preparation for Android.

“Equipment” rating: 26 out of 45 points

Installation: The included installation instructions are a bit cumbersome. But once you get the hang of it, everything is formulated in a very understandable way. Big downside: A DAB+ antenna is not part of the scope of delivery and must be purchased separately. In view of the low price (RRP 119.00 euros), bearable, but still costs valuable points in the evaluation. If the vehicle is equipped with DIN plugs, connecting the radio is quite easy, because a suitable adapter is included. A big plus is the compact design of the MVH-330DAB. With an installation depth of 95 millimeters, it should fit in almost every dashboard.

Score “Installation”: 28 out of 50 points

Service: Operation is the great strength of the Pioneer MVH-330DAB. Even if the combined installation and operating instructions seem a bit cumbersome, the operation of the radio is very intuitive and you can find your way around after just a few minutes. The control panel is clearly laid out and offers large buttons whose functions are immediately recognizable. The initialization of the radio works quickly and easily. The same applies to establishing a Bluetooth connection, which the radio also saves.

Playing music files stored on a USB stick also works without any problems. Here you can either jump from song to song or from folder to folder at the push of a button. Switching between music sources is also easy. Both DAB+ reception and FM reception are stable with minor dropouts in the tunnel. The channel search is easy both manually and automatically, the channels can be easily saved. The hands-free system transmits the phone call clearly both in the car and at the other end of the line.

Score “Service”: 138 out of 150 points

Quality: The workmanship of the Pioneer MVH-330DAB looks very high quality. The buttons feel very pleasant and they react very quickly. The radio itself also works quickly and reliably. The supplied accessories also appear to be of very high quality. A bit of a pity: In order to dim the lighting of the radio, you have to call up the dimming function in the radio menu – a dimming function via the car’s light switch is not possible. But at least it can be dimmed and therefore does not dazzle in the dark.

“Quality” score: 50 out of 55 points.

Conclusion: The Pioneer MVH-330DAB may not have as extensive equipment as other radios, but it actually offers everything your heart desires. In addition, there is the compact design, which should fit in almost every car, and the intuitive operation. Coupled with the low price of 119 euros (RRP), it is definitely worth recommending.

Facts about the Pioneer MVH-330DAB:

Furnishing: Bluetooth, USB, AUX, Android, DAB+
Playback formats:
4 x 50 watts
119.00 euros (RRP)

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