Pizza, iced tea, Adidas: this is how Capital Bra makes millions in addition to music

Rapper Capital Bra

Rapper Capital Bra

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When Capital Bra raps about its business, it sounds like this: “I make a profit, roll in the Lambo anthracite. Yes, the bra has an appetite. ”It’s about gangsters, creaking under the bed and shots in the block. “Nothing to lose, I’ll never freeze again. Because they see capital and want to invest directly. ”

But in reality, Capital Bra’s business has little to do with what he raps about. In addition to music, Capital Bra has built up several pillars. His face is emblazoned on his own pizza brand (“Gangstarella”), there is an iced tea (“BraTee”) and, recently, a deal with Adidas.

Capital Bra is currently the most successful musician in Germany. Nobody has more number one singles (22) than the 26-year-old rapper. He is the most streamed artist in Germany and is under contract with the music giant “Universal”. The rapper makes millions with his music. What then do we need products from the freezer and refrigerator that have little to do with the gangster image? took a closer look at the two products and the deal. And we tried to talk to Capital Bra about it – because we are interested in how the products were developed and what experiences the rapper has as a businessman. But Capital Bra, announced its label, is currently working on new music projects “and is therefore unfortunately not available for interviews”. The musician, who likes to rap about his business in his songs, is silent about it in real life.

It’s good that we can at least take a closer look at the products.

“Gangstarella” – your own pizza

Responsible for the “Gangstarella” pizza is not, as one might assume, Capital Bra, whose face is emblazoned in the center of the box, but according to the legal notice Universal Music GmbH – the rapper’s label. It announced that the “Universal Music Group & Brands” division, which specializes in this area, launched the “Gangstarella” own brand in May 2020 in “cooperation with Capital Bra and the Freiberg Convenience Food Group”. There are now four types: beef salami, grilled vegetables, tuna and sucuk. It is available in the large supermarkets, according to the homepage at Edeka, Rewe and Kaufland, among others.

“Over 5 million pizzas have been sold since the launch,” said Universal. At the price of 3.99 euros, that makes a turnover of around 20 million euros. It remains unclear how Capital Bra actually earns from it, i.e. whether it is success-dependent, participates in the number of units sold or has only made its trademark rights available.

A look at the register of the German Patent and Trademark Office shows that other products, besides pizza, can be sold under the “Gangstarella” brand. Universal has also protected, for example, ice cream, chocolate bars and ready meals that mainly contain pasta, as well as frozen pizzas, pasta dishes, sandwiches, wraps, filled sandwiches or toasted cheese sandwiches.

“BraTee” – your own iced tea

Upper body free, lying by the pool in the sun, with a grin: This is how Capital Bra advertises its iced tea, the “BraTee”, on Instagram. There are four types: watermelon, pomegranate, peach and lemon. Price: 1.49 euros. But here, too, the imprint of the homepage shows that Capital Bra is not responsible for the “BraTee”, but “UniBev GmbH” from Stuttgart. According to the company, it was created in 2020 “as a spin-off of Erwin Dietz GmbH”, “from the idea of ​​combining various competencies from the beverage industry and being able to offer beverage brands universal solutions”. tried to get in touch with the managing directors of “UniBev” to talk about the product and the cooperation with Capital Bra. But these are, as one of the managing directors announced, “currently not available for interviews”. He left a detailed catalog of questions unanswered.

But here, too, a look at the register of the German Patent and Trademark Office gives an interesting insight: According to this, the owner of the “BraTee” brand is neither Capital Bra nor “UniBev GmbH”, but “BraTee GmbH”, behind which the managing directors are in turn from “UniBev”. The list of goods and services shows that “BraTee” could not just stop at iced tea. Accordingly, the trademark was not only registered for iced teas, but also for milk beverages, lemonades and alcoholic carbonated beverages, among other things.

Other “BraTee” branded goods are currently in the examination process, as research by shows. Another registration by “BraTee GmbH” is dated April 15, 2021. Further goods were specified in the list of goods and services. Among other things: cup holders for vehicles, bracelets, key rings, towels, polo shirts, bathing shoes or lighters.

The influencer deal with Adidas

In March, the sporting goods manufacturer Adidas welcomed Capital Bra on Instagram. There is also a video with the rapper in an Adidas jogging suit in an old factory building: “Adidas is alive, you know,” he says into the camera. In another video that appeared shortly afterwards, Capital Bra advertises the new away shirt for the German national soccer team.

At the request of, Adidas announced that the company had been cooperating with brand ambassadors for years. “The focus is on a credible partnership. As a versatile and trend-setting artist, Capital Bra is actively integrated into the brand communication of Adidas. “It is a long-term partnership, the cooperation with influencers is part of the marketing mix at Adidas.

When asked what Adidas hopes for from the cooperation with Capital Bra, the company says: “Rappers like Capital Bra create hypes and have a high reach and an affinity for streetwear. In doing so, they help to authentically place our brand messages within the young target group. ”The partnership will“ be characterized by a number of collaborative projects in the coming season ”. Adidas cannot provide any information on “monetary amounts”.

It can be said: Capital Bra knows how to market itself and has built up a lucrative side business alongside music. Even if that has little to do with the gangster image and usually no shots are fired between the freezer shelves. But it doesn’t matter: “What mille a month, I want mille a day”, he raps in “It’s about business”.


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