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If you are always wondering why your plants are not growing and thriving as they do with your neighbors, indoors and outdoors, you should take a closer look at the Plantura app. This is because not only beginners receive valuable tips, there are also a large number of interesting articles for ambitious advanced users.

When you use the Plantura app for the first time, you create a profile; registration is not required. You only enter the subject areas that are of particular interest to you. The app then provides you with numerous editorial articles, which you can find under “Discover” and under “Gardening”.

Many current articles are listed within the first menu, especially those related to the topics you indicated at the beginning. In addition, there are a few articles that refer to the Plantura shop, where you will find many products for everything to do with sustainable gardening. In most cases, however, self-promotion is kept very subtle.

Before you start, create a profile in Plantura with your interests based on key topics.


Before you start, create a profile in Plantura with your interests based on key topics.

In the “Gardening” menu you will find activities that you should carry out in the current month, such as replanting vegetables in July or thinning out trees after flowering. You can add interesting articles to your favorites as well as create your own topic collections for sorting in the third category “Remember”.

All in all, Plantura is a very interesting app for anyone who wants to find out more about the topic of gardens and plants, as well as one of the few that are completely free of charge. The few discreet links in the Plantura shop are easy to cope with.


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