Play At Home: Sony is giving you Horizon Zero Dawn and these 9 games for PS4

If this thing hadn’t come about under such unspeakable circumstances, one would ask: Is it Christmas today? Sony has started the second phase of the new “Play At Home” campaign and wow – you are getting 10 games for PlayStation 4! And in April

In April 2020, Sony launched the “Play At Home” initiative for the first time to say thank you to all those who help to alleviate the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. As part of this, the aim was to keep the PlayStation community at home well entertained. It all started with Knack 2 and Journey, which PlayStation fans could download for free.

In February the campaign was revived and Ratchet & Clank followed, which you can still get for free at the moment. This is still possible until April 1st, so you should make use of it!

On March 25th (until April 23rd), nine more free indie games and PlayStation VR games will continue. These games are yours forever if you download them during the promotional period:

  • ABZÛ
  • Enter the Gungeon
  • Rez Infinite
  • Subnautica
  • The Witness
  • Astro Bot Rescue Mission
  • Moss
  • Paper Beast
  • Thumper

And it gets even bigger. From April 20th, the blockbuster Horizon Zero Dawn – Complete Edition will be given away for a limited time. The game will be available for download free of charge until May 15, 2021 at 5 a.m. German time.

You can keep all games.

Images: PlayStation Blog, Horizon Zero Dawn, Sony / Guerrilla Games


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