Playing football on summer afternoons in Italy is met with resistance

If it is decided later this week to resume the Italian Serie A football league around mid-June, playing afternoon matches in the summer heat will encounter resistance. The intended planning is already under discussion. “That is not feasible, you risk the safety of the players,” argues captain Daniele Gastaldello of Brescia. “Playing football at 4.30 pm would be outrageous.”

The Italian Players Union (AIC) is also strongly opposed to duels that should start in the afternoon. “Kicking off at 4.30 pm in the middle of summer? That’s not going to happen. The club presidents are only thinking about the TV broadcasts and not about the health of the players,” said Umberto Calcagno, AIC’s vice chairman.

In the remainder of the Serie A, twelve rounds have to be completed in a relatively short time. The normal start times (12.30, 15.00, 18.00 and 21.00) are no longer in effect. For the remaining matches, three start times are currently being worked on: 4.30 pm, 6.45 pm and 9.00 pm.

The Italian government will probably make a decision on Thursday whether or not to resume Serie A and possibly also a start date.


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