Playstation 5 available from Amazon – but by invitation only

The Playstation 5 can currently be ordered from Amazon. But not directly, first you have to get hold of an invitation.

Getting hold of one of the coveted Playstation 5 consoles remains a challenge. Currently you can try your luck at Amazon, because there will be

here the Playstation 5 in a bundle with the game “Horizon Forbidden West” for 559 euros

listed. However, you need an invitation for the actual order. The price for the bundle is fair: for 559 euros, in addition to the Playstation 5 worth 499 euros, with Horizon II Forbidden West you get an attractive, exclusive Playstation 5 game worth 80 euros. So you save around 20 euros.

You can try to get hold of such an invitation by clicking the “Request invitation” button. Amazon activates this function for all limited-stock products for which there is a very high demand.

This is how the “Invitation Only” principle works

“To ensure that as many genuine customers as possible can purchase this high-demand item, we’re selling it by invitation,” explains Amazon Germany, adding, “If you’re invited to purchase, you’ll receive an email when the item becomes available is. Not all requests will be granted.”

First, the Amazon account is verified. According to Amazon, whether and when you ultimately receive an invitation to make a purchase depends on several factors. If you are selected, you will receive an email from Amazon containing a purchase link that is valid for 72 hours.

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