Playstation 5: Insider gives hope for quick replenishment

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The long-awaited launch of Sony’s new Playstation 5 video game console turned into a nightmare for many pre-orderers. The group had apparently underestimated the high demand – which is also due to the boring lockdown in November and the loose money of gamers due to vacation failures. And so many fans have had to wait for their copy since November 19th.

Sony recently kept a low profile on further deliveries of PS5 copies to dealers. Playstation boss Jim Ryan said in an interview with the Russian online magazine “Tass” at the end of November: “Everything is sold out. Really all consoles are sold. I’ve been trying a long time this year to ensure that PS5 demand is high. Now I spend a lot more time making sure that this demand is met. ”The group is currently producing at full speed, with customers expecting 7.6 million copies by the end of March.

The experts from “Gameswirtschaft” expect a small wave of advance sales in the first weeks of January. The Playstation 5 will not be delivered until February, as “well-informed sources” have revealed to the online magazine. The dealers to whom delivery is to be made include Amazon, Expert, GameStop and the Müller drugstore. It is unclear whether the retailers Media Markt and Saturn will also have a PS5 in their stores. According to “Gameswirtschaft”, the two retailers are humble after the delivery debacle and want to first send out the outstanding pre-orders.

Recently, there have been short-term, not previously announced offers at retailers on the Internet, but they quickly disappeared again (you can find a trick that you can find out immediately here). It looks just as difficult with the delivery of the new Playstation headset and the controller charging station from Sony.

However, Sony itself could soon offer another sales opportunity for the Playstation 5. A job advertisement at the group shows that the Japanese apparently want to establish direct sales in Europe. Such a direct store has already been available in the USA since September 2019. The company was able to celebrate great success there with the concept. Microsoft has been selling its console through its in-house shop for a long time. However, it may take months before the service starts in Germany.

Sony already had delivery bottlenecks with the Playstation 4

The fact that Sony is having problems shipping its new console is nothing new. When the Playstation 4 was launched in November 2013, it was sold out almost everywhere for months. It was only really permanently available in the early summer months of 2014.

It could be similar this time. So if you want to enjoy the latest games, you have to be patient. However, buyers should not fall for fake offers or exorbitant prices on the Internet. Every now and then network providers also offer the console in connection with a contract, such as currently 1 & 1.

Sony has not yet published any official sales figures for the PS5. However, it can be assumed that the console is already in millions of living rooms despite the chaotic start.

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