Playstation 5 manufacturer Sony shows electric SUV

Sony uses the CES in Las Vegasto present a new body variant of the planned electric car. The Sony Vision-S 02 is on the same platform as the 01, which was presented in 2020, but is a Compact SUV. The new vehicle segment also serves as the starting signal for the specific e-car ambitions of the tech giant from Japan. 2022 with “Sony Mobility Inc.” also to set up his own company, which should set foot in the automotive industry and test the potential for Sony there.

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Appearance and interior: Sony teaches the Vision-S 02 everyday values

The Playstation manufacturer Sony surprised the automotive industry as early as 2020 with its prototype of the Vision-S 01. The flat electric car was created in cooperation with production and supplier giants such as Magna, Continental, Bosch or ZF. Now the Japanese are using the developed platform again and are now giving one Outlook on an SUV.
Sony Concept Vision-S 02

Visually, the higher roof line and the additional window in the C-pillar are particularly noticeable.

This is based on that Design very strong on the hatchback. The passenger cell protrudes a little higher and the C-pillar has an additional window. Otherwise, design elements remain like that continuous light strips in front and behind untouched. Inside, the minimalist cockpit with the large screens remains the same as of 01, but it is Fund much more practical.
Sony Concept Vision-S 02

The interior of the SUsV offers space for seven people and uses large displays for the cockpit.

Sony plans to make the rear seats foldable, which would take up a lot of space. In addition, the study has a third row of seats and thus offers space for up to seven people.

Dimensions: Barely larger than the Vision-S 01

The SUV is less than five meters in length Compact segment located and exactly the same length as the well-known Vision-S 01. Although the models differ in height and width, the difference is not too great. Of course, the 02 is a little higher and has more ground clearance. The dimensions in detail

Length: 4.90 m
Width: 1.93 m
Height: 1.65 m
Wheelbase: 3.03 m

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Drive, range and sensors: all-wheel drive for the Sony car

Sony uses the same platform for the Vision-S 02 as for the 01. This means that the SUV from je one motor per axis is driven and thus All wheel drive owns. Each of the engines should 200 kW (272 hp) Afford. Sony has not yet given any information on the battery or range, but a while ago a video showed the display of the Vision-S 01 with one Remaining range of 333 km, at about 80 percent battery level. The 01 is in 4.8 seconds to 100 km / h, the Vision-S 02 will probably need a few tenths longer here. The same sensors will probably be used in the SUV as in the 01. This should also make autonomous driving possible in the future. 40 sensors keep an overview.
Sony Concept Vision-S 02

The platform is shared by Vision-S 01 and 02. With the second prototype, Sony’s e-car ambitions are getting more serious.

Own brand for e-mobility: Sony founds subsidiary

With the presentation of two prototypes, Sony is cementing its ambitions in the industry. However, the two vehicles are not just pure show cars that will be 01 already tested on public roads. This effort is only worthwhile for the technology company if the vehicle is to be sold later. Since 01 and 02 share the same platform, the findings so far from testing also help the SUV to reach series production levels more quickly. Sony has also announced that Sony Mobility Inc. to found his own subsidiary for his e-mobility approaches. Another step towards Sony as a serious automotive brand.

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