Playstation 5: New chip could reduce delivery problems

A new AMD chip could significantly improve the delivery situation for Sony’s Playstation 5 in the future.

More than a year after its release, Sony’s Playstation 5 game console is still sold out in many places. The result is long waiting times, alternatively it takes a bit of luck to get hold of one of the coveted consoles. A new AMD chip is now giving hope that the delivery problems will be reduced.

Major changes planned for the PS5

However, this is opposed to a reduced sales forecast for the Playstation 5 from Sony. Due to scarce semiconductor chips one can only plan smaller contingents. However, tech insider Zuby Tech gives hope: AMD’s Ryzen 7 6800U, which is used in notebooks, relies on a new manufacturing process that enables small structures. Exactly this 6-nanometer process could also be used in future PS5 chips. A new model number for the Playstation 5, which was registered in Japan, supports this assumption. The jump from CFI-11XX to CFI-1200 also indicates major changes to the console’s inner workings.

No Pro model on the horizon yet

It is to be hoped that the new manufacturing process will allow AMD to produce more Playstation 5 consoles. Demand still exceeds the scarce supply of Sony consoles. But there is still nothing to suggest a faster Playstation 5. The current changes will probably only target cheaper components that are more readily available. However, this could see Sony finally get a handle on its PS5 production woes. It is possible that the improved Playstation 5 also works a little more energy-efficiently. However, the background noise of the current console should not change, the PS5 is already one of the quietest consoles in recent years.

Sony: PS5 remains in short supply this year

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