PlayStation 5: Next wave of sales maybe this week

(An article from Nerdy Deals.) On December 3, 2020, PlayStation 5 was last seen in online shops in this country. Despite the advance notice from the dealers, the ordering phase was catastrophic and many fans remained dissatisfied. But finally there is light again at the end of the tunnel. It has been proven that Sony has been delivering devices to German retailers again since mid-January.

Particularly nice: First of all, dealers serve the many open pre-orders. Have you been there? But that’s also stupid: Because no device is currently on the free sale. When will that change? There are now the first small indications of this. But for those in a hurry, first the links to the product pages of the dealers.

Update: In the meantime the situation has unfortunately darkened again. Several retailers have signaled to Gameswirtschaft that there will be no more consoles on sale this week or in the coming week. So far, this has only been communicated publicly Euronics. However, there is also no reason to communicate something that is not taking place anyway. There is only hope …

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PlayStation 5: It could be possible at these retailers

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In the US and other countries, Sony’s PlayStation 5 is currently back in online sales. Of course only for a short time, but at least there is the possibility of new orders. According to the estimates of GamesWirtschaft, a “considerable amount” of consoles has arrived in this country too, but as already mentioned, they are initially going to open pre-orders. There is a whole lot of this, especially at Media Markt and Saturn – the retailer’s parent company was even warned by consumer protection for the procedure. GamesWirtschaft has even been documenting the order numbers that Media Markt and Saturn are currently processing thanks to many readers’ submissions. One thing is clear: there is a lot of movement in it.

Residual quantities – if at all – with or without announcements?

If all pre-orders have been processed in the current week (January 25th to January 31st), then could Remaining quantities of the January delivery from Sony will go on sale. According to the current status (January 26, 3:05 p.m.) no retailer has announced a new order phase. However, it is not only questionable whether the remaining stocks after deducting the pre-orders make a further online order phase possible. But also whether the amount is even worthwhile to announce such a phase in advance. This is currently the big unknown.

In December, dealers in this country announced the start of orders one day in advance. These included, for example, GameStop, Euronics and Otto. These are also the dealers with whom, in our opinion, you should best try your luck. Because the unfulfilled pre-orders there should not be as extensive as at Media Markt and Saturn. We note that if there is a wave, it will be a very small wave – which I hope will be announced. If the current delivery expires without the option to order, the next chance will probably not be available until mid-February.

As you know, preparation is half the battle

Below are a few tips for you that you might later wish you had followed before. Of course, there is always something like that with registrations on the internet, payment information and so on. But if you are careful, that shouldn’t be a problem with the trusted traders below. So that everything can go very quickly in the worst-case scenario, you should:

  • already register with the dealers,
  • Store delivery address and payment method,
  • Save access data in the browser.

You would be annoyed if you stumbled upon an orderable PlayStation 5 and then first looked for login data and entered addresses – and at the end of the ordering process the console was out of stock again. If you don’t have a good feeling about storing your data with so many retailers, you can always carefully delete them later. The best thing to do is to make notes where you have logged in.

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