PlayStation 5 probably still difficult to obtain until the end of this year

The PlayStation 5 delivery issues are unlikely to be resolved immediately. Higher than expected demand, coupled with the ongoing global shortage of semiconductors, has left Sony struggling to supply enough supplies since the launch of its new game console.

When Sony released the highly anticipated PlayStation 5 in November last year, much of the world had been in some sort of lockdown for about eight months. So many people needed a new hobby and something to kill time at home. It should therefore come as no surprise that there were massive orders for this new game console everywhere.

“Demand was higher than expected”

It didn’t take long before the PlayStation 5 was no longer available. Sony promised to resolve the supply problems as soon as possible. Three months later, however, you still get almost everywhere ‘Sold Out‘against if you’re looking for a PS5.

“Demand was higher than we predicted. That, along with the complexity of the supply chain issues, resulted in a slightly lower offer than we initially expected, ”PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan explained to The Washington Post.


Meanwhile, production of the PlayStation 5 is steadily increasing, according to Ryan. He therefore expects supplies to improve every month in 2021. “By the second half of 2021, we will be able to present acceptable figures,” he said in the Financial Times. Still, Ryan doesn’t want to promise there won’t be any more problems during the year-end holiday season. “There are very few magic wands in that area.” (FV)

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