Playstation 5 receives long-awaited innovation with update

Sony is delivering a system software update for the Playstation 5. There is one important innovation and improvement.

The long wait is over: Sony is now delivering a system software update for the Playstation 5, which adds support for the native 1440p resolution to the console, which is still hard to come by. Previously only beta testers could test the 1440p resolution, now all Playstation 5 owners worldwide get the innovation.

If you want to display games in 1440p on the screen, you need an appropriate TV or PC monitor with an HDMI input that supports 1440p with 60 Hertz and/or 1440p with 120 Hertz. The advantage: The Playstation 5 no longer has to scale the image signal from 4K to 1440p. In the small print, however, Sony also points out that the Playstation 5 only supports the VRR function, i.e. variable frame rate, in 1080p and 4K video output and not in 1440p.

Game lists and other innovations

In contrast to the Playstation 4, the Playstation 5 interface has not yet offered the option of organizing games in folders. This is where Sony is now introducing the game lists with the new update, with which games from the game library can be organized into lists. However, such playlists cannot be stored on the start screen. Instead, you have to go to the “Your Collection” section in the game library. Up to 15 game lists can be created and these can each contain up to 100 games. For more information on game lists, see this Sony blog post.

Finally, there are improvements in 3D audio and stereo audio playback, and it’s now easier to access ongoing activities. New features are planned to be added to the PS app for iOS and Android later this month, such as the ability to start a PS Remote Play session from within the app.

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