PlayStation 5: Sale of the custom model in PS2 optics was a disaster

Update: The console launch was, as expected, a disaster, and things may get worse. As VideoGamesChronicle reports, SUP3R5 has canceled all orders. The team has received “credible threats” and they are being taken seriously. The team did not want to endanger the safety of the team and would therefore cancel all orders and refund the money. From many sides the accusation of scam is now in the room. There is no evidence of this yet, but the fact that SUP3R5 deleted its Twitter account is not a good sign. The fact that the console was first available on Reddit and then in the shop also has a bland aftertaste.

Original article:

If you haven’t had any success with the previous sales waves of PlayStation 5, you will soon have another chance. But don’t get too hopeful. Modding dealer SUP3R5 will release a special PlayStation 5 in the “PlayStation 2” design. The model is not official and is strictly limited. Exactly 304 copies are to be sold. There is also a DualSense in a matching design, which is to be produced 500 times.

You can try your luck, but even if you succeed, you will probably have to wait a while for your console. Because the dealer states that the delivery in turn depends on the delivery of Sony. Delivery is planned for late spring 2021. The disc version of the PS2-PS5 console costs 749 US dollars. The pre-orders for Americans will start today at 9 p.m. German time, the “rest of the world” will be on the same time tomorrow.

You can also have small doubts about whether the custom console will actually be released in the end. Sony has so far put manufacturers of custom faceplates for PlayStation 5 in their place. Peripheral manufacturer CustomizeMyPlates had already sold such faceplates, but had to cancel all orders after Sony took action.

Many fans will probably find this PS5 more beautiful because it is black. Do you also hope that Sony will offer different models in the future?

via Siliconera, image material: SUP3R5


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