Playstation 5: The third generation can do that

The Playstation 5 gets a new chip. With the same performance as its predecessor, it should still offer some advantages.

The first copies of a new PS5 model are circulating in Australia, dubbed the CFI-1202A (Disc version) and CFI-1202B (Digital). It is the third version of the console and the first to use a 6nm chip. The first indications of an updated PS5 appeared in August, and now specific technical details have become public for the first time. Youtuber Austin Evans took the new model apart and compared it to previous versions.

The new chip, dubbed Oberon Plus, offers exactly the same processor and graphics configuration, but on a smaller chip. In addition, the mainboard and the cooler have also been updated.

The advantages of the new manufacturing process

Switching to 6nm manufacturing offers several advantages. With the same performance, the smaller chip consumes less power and is therefore easier to cool. As a result, Sony has installed a smaller and lighter fan. It is also possible for AMD, from whose house the computing unit comes, to produce more chips from one wafer. The costs compared to production using the 7nm process can be reduced by up to 12 percent. Sony raised the price of the PS5 by 50 euros in September and justified the increase with strong inflation.

The new PS5 chip Oberon Plus (left) is smaller, but the performance remains the same.


The new PS5 chip Oberon Plus (left) is smaller, but the performance remains the same.

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Already the third PS5 version

The PS5 CFI-1202 is the second update for Sony’s game console. The launch model called CFI-1000 came onto the market in November 2020, around a year later Sony updated the internal design and, in addition to the stand and WLAN module, changed the cooler in particular. This is significantly smaller and lighter in the PS5 CFI-1100 than in the launch model.

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