PlayStation 5: When and where you can pre-order tomorrow

Pre-order PlayStation 5? For the impatient, here are the direct links to the product pages:

PlayStation 5 will appear in this country on November 19, 2020. For many fans it will be a sad launch, because most of them could not secure any of the coveted pre-orders. How the advance booking went does not have to be discussed again at this point. So let’s go straight to the facts of the present.

Will be on November 19th no consoles in stationary retail to be available. Sony has officially announced this. So there’s no point in making a pilgrimage to the markets and looking for consoles. Pre-orderers can of course pick up their consoles locally. Pay attention to the regulations of the dealers regarding Covid-19 and, if in doubt, ask questions by phone first.

But tomorrow you will have another chance PlayStation 5 to order online. Both Sony and various retailers have already confirmed this. So when and where can you pre-order again? We have collected the known information here.

Pre-order PlayStation 5: from midnight at GameStop

GameStop has so far communicated the sales launch most transparently. The next pre-order campaign at GameStop * should start at midnight, 0:00 a.m. If you get through, you should have your console in your hands by December 15, 2020.

PlayStation 5 during the day at Otto

Mail order company Otto has also announced * that it will be possible to pre-order PlayStation 5 online again on November 19. After the Otto website collapsed completely when a specific time was announced for the second wave of pre-orders, this time it is probably avoided. Fans should “stop by regularly”.

The “Big Three”: Amazon, Media Markt and Saturn

The “Big Three” are the first point of contact for many fans, but most of the time the contingent is sold out quickly. Here you can find the corresponding pages of the dealers:

Media Markt and Saturn are supposed to be on November 19th no consoles offer online – that’s what a company spokeswoman told GamesWirtschaft. “First the [bisherigen] Pre-orders are phased out, “it says. It is questionable whether this will change in the course of the day. Amazon surprisingly openly announced the time 1 p.m. to customers as a pre-order start.

Expert starts a new wave in the morning

Dealer Expert has also specifically confirmed * that it will start again online on November 19th. Here the start is limited to “morning” and there is a chic landing page where you can also subscribe to a PS5 newsletter. Like GameStop, Expert also promises delivery by December 15th.

Article will be updated continuously …

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