Playstation 5: Where you can still get one – and why pre-orderers tremble

The PS5 goes over the counter in Japan.


It used to be completely normal: films, games and devices first appeared in the USA and then often only came to us in Germany weeks and months later. But now we are used to sinking into the cinema seats and sofas at the same time as the film and video game fans overseas.

While Microsoft released its Xbox Series X and Series S around the world at the same time and thus kept up with the times, Sony is continuing its tradition – and among other things, its German fans are waiting: Local gamers can go a whole week after the English-speaking rest of the world Only expect the Playstation 5 to be delivered – on November 19th.

But only if you are one of the lucky ones who were able to secure a pre-order. Because they were few and far between, “Games Wirtschaft” reckons with around 100,000 devices available for Germany. Is there still a chance of getting a device for the launch next Thursday?

Here you have the chance to get hold of a PS5 on the day of release

Short answer: no. If you don’t pre-order now and don’t want to pay horrific prices on Ebay, you will probably have to do without a Playstation 5 on November 19th. The current quota was used up in two waves of pre-orders in September.

But: On the day of the launch, all known electronics retailers will probably have the Playstation 5 in stock again in their online shops. However, it is unclear when they will actually be sent – if you get hold of a device online on November 19th, there is a good chance that the console will arrive by the end of the year. The offer will probably not meet the demand by far – most Sony fans are already used to this from pre-orders.

The “Games Wirtschaft” portal believes that you have the highest chances with smaller retailers. Media Markt, Saturn and Amazon will probably run out of allotments very quickly. However, you could be lucky with Alternate, Cyberport, Conrad or Gamestop.

If you need a customer account in the respective shops in order to place an order, it should be worthwhile to create one before November 19th – because that saves time during the ordering process.

No consoles in the store and any delivery problems at Amazon & Co.

Sony has ruled out that retailers will have consoles in stationary sales – because of the current Corona situation. So stopping by Euronics or Expert in the area, as it has often worked with console launches in the past, should not be worthwhile.

However, if you have pre-ordered your PS5 from an electronics retailer of your choice and chose not to deliver it by post but to pick it up in the market, then you can pick up your console in the store.

All pre-orderers who have their console delivered do not have to worry about compliance with any corona rules and have sometimes already taken November 19 off to receive their console in person and to spend as much time as possible with it spend. But watch out: “Games Wirtschaft” expects most online shops to deliver on time, but there are some outliers.

Most recently, there was a stir due to an email from Media Markt, which apparently went to all pre-orderers and announced that it is currently not possible to guarantee that customers will be able to “deliver the desired item by the publication date on November 19, 2020.” In the past Pre-orders from Media Markt and Saturn, among others, have already been canceled.

“Gameswirtschaft” considers orders from Alternate, Expert, Gamestop and Otto to be on time. Those who have ordered from Media Markt, Saturn or Amazon may have to be patient and are not guaranteed to receive the goods on November 19. There was no information on Conrad, Cyberport, Euronics, Medimax and Müller.



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